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Currently planning Sustainable City Engineering for Africa


Allen Le

SYSTEMS / CHAIR - Inventor of Lasik Lazer, PM for 1 million task project

Cecilia Egami-Trindade

DESIGN - Visual anthropologist & Ethnographer

Tori Wilson

ENVIRONMENTAL - Senior Environmental Engineer with EPA

Enrique Gomez-Martin

INDUSTRIAL - Supervised multi million dollar construction

Joe Yahaya-Gadzama

CIVIL - Respected Engineer in Civil Construction

Tanuja Rawatjal

Leading Petrochemical Engineer

Hajer Mejri

Industrial Engineer Specialized in Instrumentation and Smart Systems



Currently developing Đestinī blockchain & Crypto for Africa


Tala Ghazeleh

CHAIR - Lead Data Scientist; Blockchain Developer, Startup Consultant and Multi-Code Linguist

Florrie Deng

Financial Mathematics, Statistics & Programming Specialist

Dr Sanaz Moosavi

Cryptography Specialist & Informational Technologist

Alexander Vasilevsky

Experienced Android Developer & Programmer

Bashir Aminu

Blockchain Specialist and UI/UX Designer

Ytembe Theresa

AI Developer and Breakthrough Researcher

Mala Mandal

Computer Software Specialist

John Ragnar-Barlow

Computer Hardware/Server Specialist

Fawzan Khan

C++ Developer & Educator

JP. Philus

US Leading Big Data Analyist

Huyen Pham

Coding Specialist & Programmer

Remya Cherussery Varriem

Full Stack Software Developer

Moustafa Mahmoud

React, Express JS, Java & Blockchain Development Expert

China Muoka

Honored Advisor - Co-Founder of the African Blockchain Alliance

Leena Dulepet

Software Engineer QA Blackbox



Currently designing business models for the future


Dave Colley

CHAIR - Finance Wizard, COO System Process and Systems Analyst

Cici Zhang

Investment Banker, Economics Researcher

Akshara Coomar

Data Science & Business Administration

Ryan Maule

Negotiations & Partnerships

Mark Richardson

Logistics and Business Flow; Blockchain

Dannis Singh

Serial Social Entrepreneur

Manmeet Sanghera

Corporate Recruiter

Hyunseo Ahn

MBA; Strategic Process

Derek Hsu

Blockchain Specialist & Cryptoeconomics

Dylan Liew

Impact Assessment Specialist

David Galea

High Value Real Estate/ M&A

Zeid Diez

Vision Mapping & Project Strategy

Jagruti Patel

Project Manager & Business Analyist

Stephanie Karamanoglou

Communications Strategy, Stakeholder Relations



Currently engaged in III.II.I efforts in developing world


Fernando Oria

CHAIR - Solar Power Social Enterprise, Co-Founder STEM, Duke MBA Social Impact

Dr Emmanuel Ande-Ivorgba

Nigerian Philanthropist & NGO Founder

Etali Genesis

NGO Director, Activist & Humanitarian

Cynthia Ndeche

Founder, Women Empowerment NGO

Jude Thaddeus-Njikem

Founder, Comunceid, Leading Philanthropist

Fanwi Kakwi

Founder, MercySeed Cameroon

Evans Mangwende

Director MGW Orphanage, Zimbabwe

Lilian Akwen Kejem

Director ASWEDO, West Africa

Jamils Anguaseh

Founder Global Welfare Association Cameroon

Christianah Akindolie

Founder Fate Foundation, Nigeria

Jennie Roque

Director STOP Homelessness in America

Tatiana Pogrebetskaya

Coordinator NGO Warzone women and children



Currently conducting international negotiations and designing the Executive Technocracy

This was the term given to the ten magistrates in Ancient Rome charged with creating the ‘Twelve Tables’ of Laws for the Roman Republic.


Emily Friedman Esq

CHAIR - The World’s Foremost Blockchain Lawyer & AI Authority with competencies across three different legal systems.

Michelle Hancock JD

Considered among top 1% of US trial attorneys & political strategists.

Alex Robertson JD

Rare specialist in future legal technologies including hyperloop

Hiram Umenjoh LLM

NonProfit focused lawyer specialization in West African & Cameroonian law

Clement Iornongu Esq

Esteemed NGO, UN & Nigerian Government Attorney

Yvette Moore LLM

French/US/African legal advisor and international specialist

Kyle Richards JD

Legal savant and child prodigy graduated law school at 22.

Anurag Verma JD

NonProfit Specialist NGO Lawyer in India

Vibha Surana JD

Corporate Legal Secretary & S.E Asian Specialist



Creating the single architectural vision for seven smart city eutopias


Mayte Gorostiaga

Smart City Operations Manager; Facilitated construction of three smart cities in Australia

Maxim De Winter

Lead Designer OR&Æ; Graphic Designer

Funmi Oluduro

Smart City Designer & Architect

Kamila Przybyl

International Architect & Engineer

Sanjoy Saha

Smart Data City IoT Creator

Hugo Lamberg Mendonca

Marketing manager for Brazilian Olympics and FIFA World Cup

Alexandre Bradford

Circular Economy Expert

Ken Ross

Founder S.Africa’s largest Solar Company

Dr Shelia Sri Prakash

ADVISOR - One of India's leading architects, among the most influential female architects in the world having completed over 1200 architectural projects.



Creating human culture 2.0 for humanity



CEO/CVO - International Director; psychological anthropologist & cultural theorist; Ancient Polyglot

Allegra Kensington

Secretary to Æsír; Globe Trotter and Explorer

Electra Winter

Political Theorist & Thought Leader; COO

Edouard Propper

Elite soccer coach, scout and game development theorist

Narek Khachatryan

International Relations Theorist; Armenian Cultural Scholar

Jenna Murillo

Child Development Specialist; Educator



Fully vested in the Arcadia planning for Africa to end famine forever


Jake van der Merwe

CHAIR - Sustainability Farmer; Nutritional Scientist; Lead Developer Destinato Breakthrough; Director Arcadia & IASO

Daniel Alexander

IoT Autonomous Farming Specialist

Kevin Qiu

Former Tesla Robotics Engineer

Gilbert Bame

Mushroom Subsistence Farmer

Augustine Akienek

Agricultural Engineer

Alexandre Bradford

Sustainability & Circular Economies

Antonio Ferreria

Homesteader and Technical Specialist

Steven Ayuah

Agricultural Engineer & Veterinary Instructor

Daniel Odunlami

Agricultural Specialist & Services Officer

Antonio Sa

Biofuel Specialist & Entrepreneur

Martial Massala

Agriculturalist and Gabonese Specialist



Creating a better way of diagnosing, treating and effective psycholotherapy


Dr. Juan Moriel

CHAIR World’s Leading Child Psychology Expert, Co-Author DSM, Play & Psychotherapy Thought Leader

Rémy Furrer

Cognition and Affect Researcher

Amanda Vasquez

Wilderness Therapy & Nutrition



Consulting and advising on the Executive Technocracy and Eutopian construction


Maria Moraitis

CHAIR Greek Diplomat; Refugee Advocate, Destinato Greece Leader - EU Specialist

Hamid Farhad

Water Consultant - Afghanistan

Dr Felipe Rubio

Global Studies & Anthropology Expert

Caroline Bi Bongwa

Mayor of Bamenda I, Cameroon

Grace O’Duffy

Linguist & Refugee Consultant

Valentina Barbaracci

International NonProfit Director & West Africa Specialist

Anara Bigaliyeva

Political Scientist with Russian, Kazakh, English systems



Advising on the creation of a from-scratch education system for Africa


Dr Cormac O’Dubthaigh

CHAIR - Irish Scholar for Worldwide Educational Reform

Dr Blaine Hashimoto

Leading US Academic on Colonialism/LGBT

Dr Han Zhang

Published Astronomer and Scholar

Dr Richard Tanto

Global Peace Advocate and Academic

Dr Jaclynn Robinson

World’s Leading Scholar Refugees & Development

Jacob Stiglitz

Educational Consultant & Founder Educational StartUp

Dirusha Ganapathy Juta

Founder Beyond Transform NGO for Young Women



Consulting on facilitating Destinato’s mission to reward social good


Timothy Karsten

CHAIR - Thought Leader, Philanthropist Mentor for Persons of Influence, Impact Investor

Mike Dulworth

CEO Executive Networks; Ran Homeless Center for Senior Women

Aaron Bird

Philanthopist, Early Facebook Investor

Ciprian Costin

Philanthropist & Romanian advocate for Social Justice



Advising on Panacea, IASO and ACESO development work


Sam Ang

CHAIR - Lead Scientist & Developer of RalphLX ALS Microbiome Treatment, Director of Panacea, Founder NewBiotic; Homeless advocate

Dr Shousha Princely

Recognized as one of West Africa’s leading surgeons

Dr Amanda Terry

Noted US Physician & Medical Anthropologist

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