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We’re Advancing Humanity Five Hundred Years.

Great nations didn’t happen overnight, they were built in single purpose working together to better themselves. Unity of purpose has been the one common factor to organizations becoming great, many people working towards the same goal.

The Romans advanced infrastructure, the greeks advanced civilization, and now we’re doing the same. We’re organizing the poor, giving them our best tools and education - equipping the third world to become first worlds.

Destinato - a startup society movement for humanity disrupting poverty.


Third World to First World

We’re building our planned smart cities in countries throughout the third world bringing them to first world status within a decade, and ending homelessness, poverty and famine too.


Smart Cities & Smarter Societies

Ending homelessness isn’t easy, because more than a home the homeless and those in extreme poverty need healthcare, education, therapy, love and more. So our smart cities automate most of the everyday governance so we can focus on what we do best - helping those humans society seems to have forgotten.

More than smart cities, our settlements are startup societies featuring brand new ways of living together. Ever wish the world could be more vibrant? Well with Destinato Eutopian communities they can be, and fulfill an important societal role - helping to make the world much better than it is today.

Destinato Eutopian communities will house millions of the extreme poor, provide education, healthcare and work decisively to improve conditions and wealth.



The first new political system in almost 150 years, the Executive Technocracy combines the best of business and government, delivering an improved virtual democracy.



Our patent pending hyper-farm and micro/macro nutrient technology produce abundant produce at high volume to feed our communities and others



Digital Instant 100% Employment with meaningful work and skilled progression. U.B.I. for resource management and maintenance of rights. Virtual citizen smart job creation and employment platform

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Redesigned, internationally focused, universal & accelerated education to advance children to PhD level by eighteen



Predictive preventative health platform where helps arrives before it’s needed. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, with a system that focuses on staying healthy.


Power & Infrastructure

Mini-water generators, efficient solar, and fully deployed electric and internet infrastructure



Interesting, beautiful, functional and low cost homes that build jobs and rebuild lives. Thematic regional styles, micro-mortgages and more in harmony with nature.



Artificial Intelligence supported legal featuring native understanding of laws and transparency. Restorative justice modeled system focusing on forgiveness over punishment.


Culture - Colere

A redesigned calendar, new time system, and twelve new traditions (not just Christmas)


Our Vision

We’re systematically addressing major social issues in every country around the world to create a Eutopia by the end of the century. In the developing world that means ending famine, fixing water shortages, ending illness and educating the people. The technology already exists - the rest is logistics.

There and elsewhere, we’re building smart cities, towns and villages so we can achieve new standards of sustainability, happiness, dignity and economic opportunity, while solving an important social issue - ending youth homelessness.


How We’re Getting There

A beautiful society won’t build itself, we’re getting there with Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Farming, and the tools of the future.