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ending child malnutrition and bringing families together

Many children in the United States have never seen a fresh vegetable, let alone seen one. Food poverty has reached the level where half of all babies are malnourished.

The nutrition children receive during their first 1,000 days ― from conception until their second birthday ― has a profound impact on how they develop. Without the proper nutrition during that window of time, young brains will not grow to their fullest potential, diminishing the kids’ opportunities for the rest of their lives. Addressing child malnutrition is preventative medicine from depression, obesity, diabetes and illness.

PRx will bring together food banks, nutritionists and families with a DIY meal kit program targeted at low income families with young children as customized by an expert nutritionist.


Failure to provide key nutrients during this critical period of brain development may result in lifelong deficits in brain function despite subsequent nutrient repletion.”

American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition discussing the importance of the 1,000 day window


How It Works

PRx (Prescriptions for Produce) works on the conventional market available to those on food stamps, or delivered at no cost with the assistance of small foundational grants.


applying for the program

For our pilot, families on the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or WIC (Womens, Infant and Children Nutrition Program) are eligible to apply. We prioritize newborns and families with very young children under three. The application can be made through our website at the link below, or through an approved partner.


nutritionists create custom meals

Carefully investigating the individuals dietary needs for families and children, talented nutritionists and food experts will create a series of meal boxes for families. Individual dietary needs, such as gluten intolerances and ethical prohibitions - such as meat consumption are considered.


food banks supply produce

We work with local food banks, farms and supermarkets to source donated, irregular produce and leftover produce supplies including fruits, vegetables and proteins.


prx packages the produce

We use FDA approved kitchens and leased facilities to package the produce according to nutritionist guidelines. Each PRx box is customized to the family receiving it. We carefully pack our boxes with insulated thermal liners and refrigerants to maintain appropriate temperatures during transit and delivery


food kits are delivered

PRx boxes are distributed through local partners or mailed through the conventional mail system to families. We encourage recipients to refrigerate meals as soon as they arrive.


families make meals together

Our DIY meal kits include step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and understand, and depending on the age of children, give a way for everyone in the family to get involved.

Malnutrition can be as common in poverty as in wealth, one for the lack of food, the other for the lack of knowledge of food.” 

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What’s In the PRx Box?


complete custom FAMILY DINNER PLUS

Each customized meal kit contains a family meal for two adults and up to three children with instructions and fresh produce.

Our kits are designed for family dinners only. Also included in the box are recommendations for low cost and effective breakfast, and simple ideas for lunch with recommended retailers located to their area. We build in the capability for PRx boxes to include leftovers sufficient for the children in the family for the next day. With PRx supplementing diets, families don’t need to worry or even think about what’s for breakfast - we have you covered.



Our Team, Partners & Sponsors


Amanda Vasquez

Farm to Table & Sustainability

Dr Amanda Terry

Nutritionist and Medical Anthropologist

Shari Bresin, MNM

nutritionist & educator

JP Philius

senior destinato data scientist

Tala Ghazeleh

Director - destinato data & development

Dr Akshara Coomar

destinato Data scientist

Jennie Roque

Director - destinato florida

Erin Bolton

Board Certified Nutritionist

Patricia Jackson, MSW

bay care nutritional health

Jake van der Merwe

director of destinato arcadia

Lakisha R. Crumpler RN

program manager family nutrition

Piaoying Deng

Destinato Data

Phase One Pilot - 500 families - 45,000 meals

 OR&Æ - Packaging Design & Marketing

OR&Æ - Packaging Design & Marketing

 IASO - Disruptive Nutritional Technology & Development

IASO - Disruptive Nutritional Technology & Development

 Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger - Supporters & Advisory Support

Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger - Supporters & Advisory Support

 Tampa Bay Harvest - Donation of Fruits and Vegetables

Tampa Bay Harvest - Donation of Fruits and Vegetables

 Feeding Tampa Bay - Food Bank Supplies

Feeding Tampa Bay - Food Bank Supplies

 AbsurdOrganics - Micro-Nutrition Technology and International Development

AbsurdOrganics - Micro-Nutrition Technology and International Development

 The Volunteer Way - Food Bank and Supplies

The Volunteer Way - Food Bank and Supplies

 Sweetwater Community Farm -

Sweetwater Community Farm -

 Florida Force Hunger - Food Bank Supplies

Florida Force Hunger - Food Bank Supplies