july 2009

We conceive of something called a charter city. We start with a charter that specifies all the rules required to attract the people who we'll need to build the city. We'll need to attract the investors who will build out the infrastructure -- the power system, the roads, the port, the airport, the buildings. You'll need to attract firms,who will come hire the people who move there first. And you'll need to attract families,the residents who will come and live there permanently, raise their children, get an education for their children, and get their first job. With that charter, people will move there. The city can be built. And we can scale this model. We can go do it over and over again.

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September 2017

Cities are emerging as the most salient unit of physical and political organization; self-governing, economically independent, and culturally unique. In short, we’re due for the rebirth of the city-state…they will almost certainly move closer to self-governance.

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january 2017

We are passing from the 500-year-old Modern Era in which great progress including the Nation State emerged in response to pressures from a different context. We are entering the “Integral Era,” in response to new pressures and a new context. Power is shifting from corrupted institutions of an extractive and overly powerful center to a regenerative and more distributed network of interconnected City States.

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september 2017

We’re entering a period where cities have new kinds of power. They have enormous chances to leverage their economic and financial advantages to augment their position and effect change

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may 2013

As sustainable urbanization comes to be seen as a unifying global priority, cities must be empowered rather than restrained to become more active problem-solving agents. Global inequality is predominantly within societies (particularly key cities and the hinterlands) rather than across them (between rich and poor nations)

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december 2010

The city-state, a relic dating back to Classical or Renaissance times, is making a comeback. Driven by massive growth in global trade, shifts in economic power and the rise of emerging ethnic groups, today's new independent cities have witnessed rapid, often startling, economic growth over the past decade.

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