The Architects of Eutopia



International Director EUTOPO; President Destinato,

Supported by Allegra (ASSISTANT TO PRESIDENT),  



Director IASO; Director for Africa

Supported by Isah (Assistant to the Director of IASO),



Chief Justice; Director for ESAI (Emergent & Sentient AI); Legal Counsel; Director BLCK

Supported by Anara (Assistant to Director for ESAI & Legal Affairs),


Organizational COO - Electra WINTER -

ASST Secretary to the Executive  - Piaoying Deng -,

Agriculture & Food - Ending Famine & Illness

IASO is the organizational umbrella for all agricultural projects led by Jake van der Merwe. IASO organizes ACESO, PANACEA, ARCAS, & ARCADIA.


ACESO – Interim Director JENNIE ROQUE – Breakthrough Medical think-tank (In Development/ Recruitment) Seeking new Director (MD/Specialist),


PANACEA – Breakthrough Medicine SAM ANG/ALLEN LE – Destinato supported for-profit company.,,


ARCAS – Aeroponic autonomous shipping containers DANIEL FRIEDMAN – Director of Arcas,

Development of self sustaining autonomous farming shipping containers for deployment in Haiti, Los Angeles and Emerging world

Kevin Qiu – Robotics specialist (ex-Tesla) – Development of robotic arms for planting/cultivation,


ARCADIA – Hyper-farms with breakthrough Hydro-Agriponic technology


PRx – Distribution - Nutritional Targeted Program aimed at ending youth malnutrition. Will be used for targeted preventative health in Destinato communities. Pilot aimed for Tampa Florida

Amanda Vasquez – Director for Nutrition & Farm-to-Table – Menu and Recipe Planning Lead,

Thuy Crawford – Assistant Director for Nutrition – Assistant to Amanda,

Jennie Roque – Interim Director for PRx and Project Lead – Coordination and Planning for PRx

Mala Mandal – Assistant Director for PRx – Assistant to Jennie,

Amanda Terry – Honored Advisor to PRx – Nutritionist & Global Anthropologist,

Akshara Coomar – Destinato Data Science – PRx Lead – Data Science & Development PRx – Analysis of data and development of data sets,


EUTOPO is the term for smart city development, planning and management and is the principle product of Destinato.


Director Mayte Gorostiga – Chief Operations Manager & Chair Development EUTOPO Smart City – Overview and planning for Smart City Construction and Development for three Austrialian cities., [Project lead EUTOPO]



Director Maxim deWinter - Designer and Visionary -,

Cecelia Trindade – Anthropologist Human Design Factors – Chair for Ethnography – Development and construction of human factors for architecture),


Executive Technocracy Development

Æsír – Writer of Bill of Rights,

Emily Friedman – Chief Justice

Alex Robertson – - Futurist Hyperloop and Future Systems Legal Advisor - Chair for Future Legal Development,

Michelle Hancock Esq – Justice & Trial Attorney - Honored Advisor/Trustee,

Clement (Asst. Director for African Law - Nigeria);,

Yvette (Assistant Director for International Law);,

Hiram (Asst. Director for African Law - Cameroon),



Director of Arcadia - Jake van der Merwe

Augustine – Advisor for African Agriculture  - – lead resource for creating Arcadia Training programs, [Adapting Arcadia to suit the needs of rural farming]

Chikezie – Lead Developer – Embedded Systems Engineer & Robotocist -  Autonomous Agricultural Drones – (Also advisor for ARCAS), [Development of Drones to monitor Arcadia Developments & Advisor for ARCAS]

Antonio F – Skilled IT manager created own permaculture project and built home - Director for Permaculture – Adaptation of Arcadia farming for small family farmers & homesteaders, [Permaculture Advisor]

Gilbert Bame – Mushroom and Small Cultivation – Director of Subsistence – Growing of Mushrooms and Development of Food resources, [Will advise on adaptation of Arcadia to support local subsistence farmers/fungi advisor]

Daniel Odunlami – Assistant Director for Arcadia Farming – Adaptation of Arcadia model to suit African large development projects with focus on West Africa, [Will advise on creation of West African Arcadias]



Dave Colley – Vitruvian Man and Resource Specialist - Director for Process Management and Internal Process – Resources Lead, [Will manage internal task flow]

Dirusha Juta – Top #100 Most Influential HR Professionals - Director Human Resources – Lead Recruiter for Destinato & Human Resource Management, [Will recruit new advisors/volunteers and manage current volunteer resources]

Jude Njikem – Director COMUNCEID - Assistant Director for Resources and Honored Advisor –– Recruitment for West Africa and Advisors for Destinato African development, [Recruitment of new persons of influence in Africa]

Jagurti Patel – Process Manager and StartUp Consultant - Assistant Director for Process Management – Assistant to Dave with specialty on internal process management., [Process Management & Task-Flow]

Manmeet Sanghera – StartUp Recruiter and Human Resources Manager - Assistant Director for Recruitment & Assistant to Dirusha–, [Recruitment Specialist]


Internal Task Management – INTYRN


Hamid Farhad – Water production/desalination and lead strategist/consultant for emerging world, [Will develop desalination/resource management plan]



Director Ken Ross – Founder and President of Terra Firma Energy largest solar company in South Africa – Leads 240 person team - Lead Architect for Eutopian Sustainability –, [Development of sustainable power supplies and resources for Eutopian Communities]

Antonio Sa – Co-Founder leading BioFuel technology company in Southern California - BioFuel Specialist –, [Will advise on high octane natural resources]

Tanuja Rawital – South African Petroleum and Fuel Specialist - Petrochemical Engineer –, [Will advise on fuel resources and chemistry processes]

Tori Wilson-Afrak – Lead scientist for EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) - Environmental Engineer –, [Will advise on environmental engineering processes]

Joe Gadzama – Esteemed civil Engineer built roadways and bridges –,  [Will advise on engineering infrastructure]




Director Allegra Kensington,

Edouard Proper – Scout for Leading European Soccer Club – Lead Advisor Recreation

Developing a new sport ‘BALA’ for our community,

Grace O’Duffy – Leading Linguist, Anthropolist and Refugee Education Specialist –

Developing new traditions and cultural opportunities,



Currency – External – Coding a Blockchain cryptocurrency based on existing protocols enabling us to receive currency for sale of produce/vegetables in depressed economies

Currency – Internal – Đestinī protocol currency enabling us to monitor existing resources, track success outcomes,

David Galea – Director – Industrial Finance – How do finance large scale building projects?,

Nikhil Jain – Business Analytics, Financial Services, & Impact, Development of Economic Model]

Director for Internal Business Development – Dannis Singh – Developing new businesses and development models to boost economy and fulfill necessary services,

Asst. Director for External Business Development – Cici Zhang – Mergers, Acquistions, Buy and Sale of Companies,

Director – Circular Economy – ALEXANDRE BRADFORD – Developing plan to conserve all resources

Director for Smart Contract Development – Derek Hsu – Smart Contract Development/Truffle Testing,

RJ Catalano – Director Smart Key; POC Ethereum Ecosystem, Hyperledger, Blockchain Economics –,

Moustafa Mahmoud – Lead Front End Engineer –,

Leena Dulepet – Former Microsoft Engineer & Software Developer –,  

Paul Tunap – Advisor for high ROI Cryptocurrency trading –,

 Remya Varriem – Lead Back End Engineer –,

Honored Advisor for African Blockchain development – Co-Founder African Blockchain Alliance – Serial Entrepreneur - China Muoka,



Tatiana Pogrebetskaya – Advisor for single mothers/NGO development –Resource for third world single mothers and related development,

Aaron Bird – Disabled and paralyzed persons – Honored Advisor Special Needs/Assistance – Access & Issues pertaining to disabled persons/awareness,

Richard Tanto – Peacekeeping and Historical Conflict – Special Advisor Africa – Director Historical Board – Long term longitudinal trends towards mitigation of conflict and historical analysis Africa,

Dr Felipe Rubio - Director International Anthropology – Ethnographic and regional analysis for Eutopian landsites,

Dr Han Zhang – Director of Meteorological Science – Climate change and regional analysis for Eutopian landsites,



Alexander Vasilvesky – Android Development – Development of Android app Destinato,

Jevon Charles – iOS App Development –Development of iOS portal for Destinato,

Sanjoy Saha – Android Developer and Senior Software Engineer -, [Coding and App development support],

Hyunseo Ahn – C++ Specialist and Developer –,

Fawzan Khan – C++ Specialist and Developer –,



Timothy Karsten – Thought leader and advisor for persons of influence -  Introductions and intelligence for impact investment support,

Ciprian Costan – Software Developer for leading startups and philanthropist - Eastern Europe and EU Funding Specialist – Director Destinato Romania –,

Dylan Liew – Impact analyst leading Fortune 100/500 companies - Director for Future Impact –,

Hugo Medonca – Led marketing for Brazilian Worldcup and Olympics - Marketing and Fundraising –,




Evans Mangwende – Orphanage Director and NGO Organizer – Advisor for Zimbabwe –,

Etali Genesis – NGO Director & PeaceKeeper – Director for Cameroon,

Dr Emmanuel Ivogbra – NGO Director and Humanitarian – Director for Nigeria –,

Apostle Bome – Church Leader and Grassroots Organizer – Botswana,

Anurag Verma –John Taylor – Project Manager for Town Creation - Operations Manager & Logistician - Sierra Leone advisor -, [Lead Advisor for Destinato Sierra Leone]

John Barlow – Arabic speaker Jordanian resident Middle East –, [Lead Advisor for Destinato Middle East developments]

Martial Massala – Gabon Economic Operations Manager – Gabonese Advisor, [Lead Advisor for Destinato Gabon]



Trauma assessment and healing for incoming residents

Dr Juan Moriel – Director Psychotherapy & Child Development – Issues pertaining to homelessness and psychotherapy with focus in the Los Angeles area,

Fanwi Kakwi  - Director of MERCYSEED NGO Cameroon - Special Advisor for Rehabilitation – Projection of Issues for intake of persons – W. Africa, [Advising on the How’s of rehabilitation]

Remy Furrer – Cognition and Affection PhD Researcher - Director for Psychological Assessment – Intake survey and Psychological Assessment, [Intake assessment for Psychological Issues Incoming residents]

Jenna Murillo – Experienced Child Rearing Specialist and Child Psychologist – Compassionate and trauma Alleviation – Youth & Young Children, [Broad Overview of Child Issues & Development Overview]

Jamils Anguseh – Former victim Child Trafficking; Director of NGO Global Welfare Association (GLOWA) Advisor issues pertaining to child trafficking –,

Hyunseo Ahn – Business Administration and Homeless Advocate – Volunteer Midnight Missions – Process Management for Day Zero –,

Christianah Akindole – NGO Director Christianah Fate Foundation; Anti-child abuse advisor; Social Worker and NLP Specialist – Therapeutic Aid for Day Zero,



Development of EDUCO (Ext), ATLAS & VIRTU (Int) Barebones Educational Models

Fernando Oria – Co-Founder STEM Education StartUp & NGO Advisor  Assistant Director VIRTU Development –, [Co-Lead Thought Leader VIRTU Educational Model]

Jacob Stilgitz – Co-Founder Vietnamese Education StartUp with 5,000 user - Assistant Director VIRTU Development, [Co-Lead Thought Leader VIRTU Educational Model]

Ugina Urwick – Director for the Special Educational Needs Teachers Training Institute (SENTTI) Cameroon - Director for Special Needs & Special Advisor African Education, [Advisor for Regional Applicability in Africa and adaptation for Special/Unique needs]

Vibha Surana – Lawyer and Company secretariat Indian and International NGO Personal Development & Special Advisor Indian Education/NGO Development-,

Cynthia Ndeche –Founder Low Income Female NGO Nigeria - Educational Advisory Nigeria & West Africa,

Lilian Kejem – Founder ASWEDO (Women’s Empowerment and Development Organization) – Advisor for Women’s Issues and Development –,



Development of Core Day one to 365 plan for Destinato Eutopian Developments]

Mark Richardson – Experienced Procurement Manager - Director Eutopian Logistics and Management –,

Federico Scarionati – Chief Procurement for Huawei - Assistant Eutopian Logistics Management –,

Ryan Maule –Strategist Launched Amp’d Mobile Brand Canada; SOCAN; Co-Founder Trebba - Director International Strategy and Partnerships, [Will create new partnerships/strategy]

Mugwagwa Gumunyu – Former Logistics manager UN World Food Program (UN-WFP) & Care International Zimbabwe – Logistical Specialist and Manager,



Enrique Gomez Martin – Project Manager for Billion Dollar Engineering Projects –,

Zeid Diez – Vision Mapper and Project Manager –,