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EUTOPO Smart Cities, Towns & Villages


A Way of Living that Works Much Better

We’re creating startup designer societies for the rural poor of the world. The family feel of a small village community with the relationships of a town, and utility of a city. A ‘best'-in-class’ approach to everything within - from farming, education, healthcare, and sustainable living designed for homeless women, children and families.


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VITRUVIAN Technology


Bringing Tomorrow’s Future to Today

From blockchain, emergent artificial intelligence, new political systems, and everything in between, we are developing incredible ‘magical’ technology that can supercharge our way of life.



ARCADIA Hyper-Farms


Feeding An Entire Nation & Ending Famine Forever

We’ve developed a new system of efficient ‘hyper farm’s that can produce massive quantities of food - enough to avert a famine and feed a nation. Our farms can be built on traditional land, within forests, and even on Savannah (desert) with 97% water efficiency with 5x more yields.


Destinato Atlas

ATLAS.U Think-Tank


Group-Thinking Human Destiny

We’re assembling humanities greatest minds to work together to a common purpose - solving our biggest issues, and while we’re at it, discovering the logistical and intellectual solutions to create a much better world than we have today.



ARCAS Container Farming


A New Way of Delivering Food Aid

We’ve developed a new breakthrough autonomous farming unit that combines Arcadia Hyper-Farm technology with IoT integration. The Arcas Container can grows huge quantities of food without any human effort at all dispensing fresh organic produce like Coke products, and it gives a 15% return on investment. We' want to send 6,000 to feed all of Haiti.

restoring trade balance and granting food SOVEREIGNTY




Third World to First World

We are scaling ambitious yet achievable plans to transform third world countries to first world status within thirty years. Whether jump-starting an economy, building massive scale farming, or new political systems - we’re bringing the third world to modernity within a generation. III.II.I (321) is the movement for Eutopia.


IASO Breakthrough


Discovering the Science of Miracles

Alongside the world’s best doctors, researchers and scholars from East to West and everywhere in-between, we’re group-thinking the cures for humanities biggest illnesses, and building the world’s first preventative healthcare system.



PRx Meal Kits for Low Income Families


Bringing Families Together

The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are critical for development. Malnourishment can never be restored. So we’ve created a food bank sourced meal kit expertly customized by nutritionists that will bring families together, and solve child malnutrition at just $2 a mealkit. We’re on track to do 45,000 meals this year on track to to get to 4 billion meals a year by 2022.

ending child malnutrition


Donate Today

Giving to Destinato is a vote for a better world, and one we can be proud to leave our children.