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creating the world’s largest smart city & autonomous farm

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Destinato Nigeria

In Nigeria - Western Africa, we intend to build the world’s largest autonomous city. Destinato Nigeria will power local schools and hospitals, feed the hungry, and provide clean water for everyone. Situated on the water, our planned city will take millions of homeless women and children from extreme poverty, create thousands of jobs, and empower lasting change on the continent. The first step towards creating a unified Africa is showing how we can live better than we do today, and then scale the change we wish to see.



Our Arcadia Autonomous Farm in Nigeria will be the world’s biggest and prolific. With modern techniques in farming, humanity today can produce up to eight harvests a year. By intentionally growing far more food than we consume, we aspire to produce a surplus that will prevent famine from ever happening again in Africa. When the next crisis hits, we’d like to empower the rest of the continent with the means and capability to assist.



In the Western world, good infrastructure like these roads above can be taken for granted. That isn’t the case in Western Africa. In Nigeria, we’re eager to construct Developmental Impact Bonds (DIB) with the state to construct public benefit water processing, roadworks, bridges and more while generating thousands of jobs. The African continent doesn’t need hand-outs, they need a hand-up.



As the first Ecotopia, we’re going to have animals free roam through our carless cities, towns and villages. In Nigeria, as our planned site encompasses a nature reserve, we anticipate to have Giraffes, Elephants, and Hippopotumus roam the streets alongside people.



In Africa, fluctuations in domestic currency and unstable communications network can prevent effect job creation and employment. We’re overcoming that with our blockchain based app ‘The Exchange,’ designed for both the Western and Emerging markets to create, and hire temporary labor and auto-populate paperwork, taxation and e-resumes in the process.


There is no country in the world with the diversity, confidence, talent and black pride like Nigeria.

Binyavanga Wainaina


Benue Valley Nigeria - Planned Smart City for 2 million with expandable capacity to 25 million

Autonomous Farming Breadbasket with Niger River Purification Project



Autonomous Farming - Four to Eight Harvest Per Year

Priority given to staple foodstuffs and native varietals

Emergency AID outreach and subsistence education programs


Rapid Skill Acquisition, Core Literacy & Job Training

22nd century employment training with social entrepreneurship

National/Regional outreach with community classes


Active Water Purification

Improving water quality for the entire downflow river

Zero Waste reclaimed water programs


Fully Sustainable and ‘Off-Grid’

Solar power units throughout planned city

Hydroelectric power generation from Benue Valley


The Executive Technocracy

Hybridized business/governance political model with full Virtual Democracy

Smart City Integration automates 98% of bureaucracy


Blockchain Cryptoeconomy

Offline crypto wallets for local job creations/economic exchange

Universal Basic Income and Success Tracking


Designer Culture for Nigeria

Nigerian Ecotopian adaptation of core Destinato Culture

26 hour universal time, new calendar, traditions and cultures


Preventative E-Health

Predictive health system can anticipate problems before they happen

Smart data informed health outcome tracking


Ecotopia with Free Roam Safari Animals

Neutered Therapy animals available for city with rescue outreach

Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian diet with never kill farm animals


Positive and Play Focused Psychotherapy

Holistic and interdisciplinary focus on treatment

Regional training and broad spirituality focus