First Quarter - 2019



avia chicken coops phase two funded

We’ve received seed funding for our chicken coop project ‘AVIA’ enabling us to sponsor the development of farms in Pretoria South Africa, and Harare, Zimbabwe. This will enable us to feed more than 1,300 orphans and vulnerable families by year end in a sustainable and lasting manner.

destinato social impact startup intyrn receives seed funding

One of our key technologies for EUTOPO, social start up Intyrn has received our first seed round valuing the company at US$4M, This funding will be used to further develop the user interface, and rollout for our international launch.

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land received in zimbabwe - 2000 acres

Destinato has received a generous allocation of land from Chieftains near the capital Harare. We will be using this land to host a significant rollout of AVIA, host homeless orphans, and train agricultural outreach initiatives.