In this critical time in human history, our species has less than one hundred years left of life as we know it. Environmental collapse, social inequality, populist politics, homelessness, unhealthy food – all these factors, and indeed many more, are threatening our very existence. Placating protests with political promises aren’t enough, as politics responds too slowly to instill real change. We need to create a viable alternative to our society as it exists today, proven to work better for all parties not just a select few. So our organization, which began in the trenches assisting hundreds of homeless transition to new lives and homes, formally incorporated with a grand visionary plan – to design a new society for all humanity beta tested with the poor. The result – EUTOPO – features a new political, economic, and social living society backed with solid agriculture, housing, and education. It’s everything needed to bring those who currently suffer on our streets from zero to hero, helping them help themselves to become their best selves. The homeless on our streets are the leaders of tomorrow, and among their children – almost ten million of whom are homeless or living in extreme poverty in the United States – are the next Einsteins waiting for an opportunity to thrive. We want to find them, give them a great education and strong values, enabling them to lead the next generation to a stronger world.

In our politically tempestuous times, the creation of a democratic and quintessentially American humanitarian community is urgently needed. We must prove that the ideals we stand for mean something, delivering on our founding fathers promise to create a place for everyone. We can create that with EUTOPO. Throughout history, humanity has searched for a community we can all call home –from Zion to Eden and America – which began as we do now – to create a brave new world designed to forego inherited class titles and value human beings by their very nature, and what they can achieve in union with their fellow man. In a world of political malaise, we are a brave new voice that leads by ideals and believes wholeheartedly that humanities best days are still ahead of us. And more than mere words, we will show with science and data we can do so much better than the system we’ve inherited and hobbled together over the years.

We are picking up where Jefferson, Franklin, and Washington left off – learning from both the mistakes and victories of the past to test to create a new society, while working to end important social problems. At a fundamental level we are a residential agrivillage community servicing the needs of disadvantaged communities, while also thinking bigger innovating social systems like businesses develop products designed to end homelessness, extreme poverty and malnutrition.  

Yes, we’re aiming big. And yes, we believe we can succeed.

Aim for the deer and miss, and you hit the ground.
Aim at the moon and miss, and you’ll hit the deer
— African Proverb