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Has this been done before? How do you know it will work?

Samuel R; Puerto Rico

Yes, this has been done many times in history, to great success. The current economic growth of China is mostly due to the development of Hong Kong which was administered by the British for over one hundred years. As a deregulated zone, protected by rule of law, Hong Kong enjoyed robust business protection. The Premier of China adapted the Hong Kong model to other economic zones like Shenzen, without which the modern economic power of China would not exist. Similarly, Singapore - generally considered one of the world’s best cities to live in - is a city state, as are several Portuguese cities and arguably ethnic enclaves in Dubai.

In Ancient history, Plato’s democracy happened between small city states like Athens that operated independently. More recently, certain New Zealand towns were built by British companies whom administered them successfully.

We’re confident Eutopo will work, as it represents a win for all parties, from residents (who presently only know extreme poverty), host nations who are currently being manipulated by larger foreign nations mining resources for their own benefit, and investors who can ride the wave of new economic growth. The plan is solid, our team knowledgeable, and its a plan founded in sound economic and democratic principles.

How will this work legally?

Jessica J; North Carolina

The Eutopo model has been designed to work in a range of different political and legal scenarios, Our full plan will only work within a chartered state (or Politeia πολιτεια/city state) given legal permission to build quickly and run our own legal system without double jeapordy. Without this permission, parts of our plan won’t work - like our Labor Value of Exchange and building developments won’t work. Eutopo is the fuel behind taking developing nations to first world countries as quickly as possible.

Eutopo can also be adapted for use in unincorporated areas, and even as a model for Housing Authorities (HOA), community living, prisons, schools, and rural communities.

Isn’t this just rebranded NeoColonialism?

LeRhonda J; Chicago

Not at all. Colonalism was defined as one nation’s coercive attempts to control another population and mine its resources. By design, Eutopo is the opposite, we encourage change and individual choice to help countries improve their own resources. We hand back everything we’ve developed to the host nation after we’ve achieved our objective - independent international assessment that a third world nation has reached first world status. With a clear handover time, and the empowerment of a nation, we’re the antidote to Globalization and Colonialism.

How will residency work? Can I live there?

timothy r; london

Yes, people from outside the community will be able to live there, but the process isn’t straightforward. Our nonprofit is designed to care for the needs of homeless women, children and families in the host nations which we are based in. That will never change and remains our priority. Destinato staff of benefit to our community will be given priority including teachers, doctors, nurses, and key intellectuals.

We will open Eutopo for tourists to stay for limited durations. Generally permanent residency will be limited to nationals. Eventually, by special permission from the host nation we will invite a greater number of non-nationals to live in Eutopo, or with investment build a Eutopo on their land or in their nation.

Can I live there if I invest enough money?

artur k; warsaw

Yes, investors will be able to live in our communities with certain key qualifications. While anyone can purchase our cryptocurrency (as it remains a utility token not a security token) the ability to list work for hire on the Exchange (our job platform) remains limited. Investors will be able to invest in the development of property, for which they’ll receive a fixed return, or in Arcadia - our hyper-farm. Destinato controls the flow of currency to prevent inflation. The advantage of our system is that as the value of the currency rises, so too does the relative wealth of our community members - so everyone benefits. So if you have 100 coins from working 100 hours, and your coin can now purchase more external resources due to currency demand - you’ll be able to improve your lifestyle by purchasing external resources. Everyone benefits here, most notably the host nation.

Destinato staff, certain academics and skilled personnel will be given special Visas for access. Any person may purchase sufficient cryptocurrency to buy a tier of citizenship, for which they are entitled to buy a property, but not necessarily vote.

However, under our Constitution all persons - no matter their wealth - must work no less than five hours per day. Good candidates to live in Eutopo are those who admire and wish to participate in our work helping women, children and families.

What happens with deflation?

johnnson U; chicago

Deflation isn’t possible in our system, our currency can only increase in value. Destinato mints one coin for each hour of work performed under an equity model. But without large systems of debt in our system, only P2P lending - there are no mechanisms for the currency to deflate in value. Đestinī functions as a closed system that allows us to manage internal resources, not requiring an external community to maintain growth. The demand for Đestinī enables us to maintain a balance of trade so we can buy external resources necessary for our growth.

People will always need to eat - and with purchase of crypto to buy food, will guarantee there will always be growth.

Can you really have no taxation?

Ala Menahem Schmitt ; algeria

It’s a misnomer to say we don’t have taxation, but we have removed mandatory federal taxation. Money earned is not taxed under our system, nor is consumer purchasing. We do tax businesses automatically for each purchase, but at rates far below the West. Instead of mandatory taxation, we have a celebration festival whereby public good projects - for example a petition to build a playground - will be priced and placed for public funding consideration. Anyone can propose projects for funding. Because children earn currency for their education just like adults earn it for their work, youth will have an important voice in governance.

I am Nigerian, and I am poor - how do I apply to live there?

Nnamdi Liselot Yamashita; nigeria

Eutopo is designed for the needs of those in extreme poverty - notably women, children and families. And while we will grow as fast as we can, in countries like Nigeria - with 24.4 million homeless - it’s likely it will take us sometime to meet demand, meaning that many individuals will not be able to live there until we’ve taken care of the needs of homeless children as a priority group.

Initially we will introduce a point system for qualification, with priority given to children, single mothers and small families respectively. There will be limited positions available for essential talent - like Doctors, nurses and others, and of course for Destinato staff to maintain operations. While we haven’t started work in Nigeria yet, we look forward to doing so, and will make sure the process of application is fair and transparent.

In your constitution you’ve made journalists employees - why?

Seachlann De Witte ; dublin

We believe just governance should be transparent. We’ve created a body called the ‘Auditory Commission’ which verifies facts, makes sure everything is fair, and releases daily reports of internal processes to the people. As everyone in Eutopo is technically an employee, journalists sharing this status isn’t a surprise. So, instead of making this a temporary position, subject to change - we’ve made it long term and under the authority of the independent Auditory Commission. In other words, our ‘press’ is guaranteed free, independent and with sufficient funding to ensure it can’t be corrupted. No-one in governance has the authority to suppress journalism and free speech.

In the US, if you yell ‘fire’ in a public place without cause you can get in legal trouble. What happens in Eutopo?

Dorian Sanders; san diego, ca

Freedom of speech is guaranteed by our Bill of Rights. The Eutopo governance cannot suppress or punish an individual’s choice of words, regardless of content.

Why can’t residents own property? Why is this limited to citizens?

Rajya Saturninus Tyler; morocco

In many developed countries around the world, the affluent own multiple properties while many poor live on the streets. In Eutopo, housing is a guaranteed right given to everyone. With a limited supply of resources, property owners can’t own multiple properties to rent to others.

We’ve designed Eutopo to act as a closed ecosystem of care to bring those in extreme poverty to stand on equal ground with the rest of the world. Therefore, time is limited in Eutopo in order to make room for more individuals we can care for and education.

Citizens can design and build their own home, and/or own property in Eutopia. This is for a number of reasons, including incentivizing investment. However, as we are guests in a host nation, the government may wish to limit the number of non-nationals who own property, and reserve it for their people only. In this scenario, the number of individuals whom can buy property, may limit the number of homes we can sell. As we are handing over each Eutopo to the Democratic Government, with property ownership transferring, we’d like to reserve as many as possible for the host nation and their people. Controlling the volume of citizenship we can give, controls the flow of property in a fair way and free from the influence of capital.

I love this! How do I become a citizen? I want to retire here!

Sibylla Lindgren; stockholm

In Eutopo we will have two classes of citizenship. Second class will enable the purchase of property and residency. and first class the aforementioned rights, the right to vote for Senators, and live in any Eutopo. Citizens can also self-represent in our Senate.

Citizenship is open for all residents after a certain number of years of residency. Applicants will pay the application fee, and then must pass the test. The number of years a person is resident will be taken from the fee to apply until it becomes free. The test will not be easy, but the test will be fair.

We want our citizenship to be earned, not bought. Those who become citizens - through an impartial and transparent process - will demonstrate learning, ability, and knowledge. Once a citizen, with the permission of the host nation - you’ll be able to invest and buy a property to live in. But unlike our current system, wealth alone won’t bring the right to live in Eutopia.

What about the right to get married? I am gay.

Edmundo Bartolomé Ríos; seattle

Eutopo does legislate against relationships. The right to determine one’s own relationship, and right to assembly, is protected by our bill of rights. If a couple wishes to register their relationship with Eutopia, they can - and we’ll throw a celebration in their honor, but otherwise it’s completely their own choice who they associate with. Being married does not confer any additional taxation benefits. Likewise there are no formal divorce proceedings.

But is it really possible to create an equal system? What if a millionaire moves to Eutopo? What then?

Randell Douglas-Eliott; nevada

Yes, it is. Our currency is only minted when one hour of work has been produced. The supply is limited by labor.

A millionaire who has bought a significant stake of our cryptocurrency, has passed citizenship, and owns property will be able to purchase more than others. However, under our Constitution they must still work no less than five hours per day - unless they purchase time off. Additionally, the affluent may not freely post jobs on our Exchange, meaning that they can’t hire people on demand, and only via means of our Ministry for Employment for fair work - such as in business, or for minor tasks. We won’t have maids and servants in Eutopia, regardless of how much money people have.

So although a millionaire in Eutopo may have a more luxurious house, and afford greater imports, they’ll still work, and they can’t ‘buy’ others with their money. If they don’t want to work, they’ll pay for the privilege.

If you don’t legislate relationships, what if a child dates an adult?

Óðinn Van Hautum; iceland

Children are considered a protected class of person in Eutopo, and any such relationship is open to scrutiny. In the event, or suspicion of abuse, the parents can take the adult to the first court (arbitration) for a non binding closed door hearing. Additionally, psychological evaluations will be administered to determine why the couple may be dating. This of course assumes that the child is able to consent, and understands why they are dating. If they have not reached the level of maturity, this would not allowed. Any adult will not be able to date a protected class of person. Relationships can only happen between consenting adults.

In Eutopo, we will have a rigorous test, which includes psychological, academic and other criterion. When passed - a child will from a protected class to early adulthood. A later test moves them to full adulthood. With this, we have an objective determinant of the ability to give consent, and clarity in psychological development.

These issues are not straightforward, and it would be too easy to legislate against it. However, the Government must be restrained by its own laws and regulations - viz our Bill of Rights and we cannot legislate against relationships. Also, we must be careful that we don’t enforce Western norms on other countries where child marriage may be societally appropriate. With clear screening, and objective determination of maturity and consent, we can maintain cultural norms while also ensuring everything is fair.

You have a picture of a train for Infrastructure. Is this intentional?

Valentina Zuñiga; greece

Yes, Eutopo communities will use the best form of transportation for the environment at the cost of efficiency. Current diesel engines are faster, but rely on fossil fuels. Steam trains (which run on compressed water) and electric trains are cheaper, last longer, and are more environmentally friendly. You can read here about why we’re doing this.

Using our own resources and labor, we can also build railways cheaper ($200,000 per mile) than existing methods ($2million per mile) simply because we’re not looking to make a profit. So whereas to connect the capital of Sierra Leone to the capital of Liberia (220 miles) would cost about $500 million today through private businesses, it would cost us around $44 million, to as low as $20 million if we can produce all metal ourselves.

Additionally, we’ll be using sailing ships over modern petroleum powered ships, freeing dependence on fossil fuels. Besides which, choo-choo trains and tall ships are so much more exciting.

What will the diet be like in Eutopo?

Randell Douglas-Eliott; nevada

We will use an ovo-lacto pesco pollo vegetarian diet (POLPV) in Eutopia. That mouthful simply means that we will eat eggs, drink milk (including cheese), eat birds (like chickens) and fish. All mammals are a protected class and will not be killed for their flesh or products. Chickens and Tilipia will be bred for their protein, however we they will be free range, and free of hormones - (you can see our AVIA and TRITON page under projects for more information)

This is amazing! Will you have cars?

Nnenna Panther Thaidhg; nigeria

Our communities will not have cars. Eutopia will have no internal roads. Transportation will be via public transport, bicycles, and animals (horses) only. While we will not interfere with the right of individuals to own cars, they will be parked outside our community and there will be no facility to use them within our communities.

We eat beef and pork - are we not allowed that in Eutopo?

Mwangi Dortha Sörös; kenya

While food in Eutopia is free and available to all, some individuals may wish to eat different foods. Any requests for imported products may be made to our Ministry for Trade, and added to the ledger of purchasable commodities. Any foods are permitted for import, including dog in some countries, as the Government should not interfere with free choice. However, in order for us to import foods, we must be able to ensure the safety of the supply chain and integrity of the food so our people don’t get sick. So while free range organic food will be imported, factory farmed food - for example in the United States - would not meet our safety and ethical criteria.

Will corporations have shops or businesses in Eutopia? Will you have Starbucks or McDonalds?

Inge Humphrey; belgium

Yes, we are open to accepting well known Western and other regional businesses into our community. In order to qualify, businesses must share information on their full supply chains with us. If businesses use unethical practices, or source unhealthy food, they will not be given permission. Additionally, businesses must be majority automated, accept our cryptocurrency for payment, and pay any staff needed at a higher rate than other jobs in the community. Certain rules and regulations may apply, such as keeping different hours (half day operation).

What about malls and shops? Who will operate them?

Nnenna Panther Thaidhg; nigeria

Our shops and malls will be automated, with self-check outs and utilizing our digital cryptocurrency, in standing with our Bill of Rights guaranteeing meaningful work. Anyone can start a business selling goods or services by leasing space with a minimum of barriers to entry.

What happens if an investor buys a significant share of your cryptocurrency?

Donnie Tinker ; new york

Anyone is of course free to buy our utility based cryptocurrency, giving them the ability to buy more produce, more services, or greater investment. However, because our job posting services (The Exchange) is controlled within our communities, this will not afford a greater ability to utilize more labor, or any additional power.

Additionally, inflation for our currency will mean that our citizens and residents will all prosper as their own manpower will be worth more, and their savings greater. As individual use of our currency expands, so will prosperity.

How will the people of your host nation interact with Eutopo?

Joe Bannerman ; vancouver

Individuals from host nations will be able to buy produce, electricity, goods and other services from Eutopo communities without limit. All produce sales will be done through cryptocurrency, which will use a fair exchange rate between domestic to facilitate growth. Businesses will be able to use our crypto to pay their staff - receiving a discount on payroll and minting new coins. Continual supply for fresh produce - (everyone needs to eat) will maintain continual demand.

Will you have free trade?

Modeste Elvire Cousineau ; paris

We will have trade within limits. As we are production powerhouses, we will export more than we import. Because we supply and care for our own labor force, we can produce at a lower rate. We will remove barriers to trade, while protecting certain parts of our own production supply, for example if we are producing vegetables, we will have limited need in importing the same produce. We are eager not to add to waste, nor to import products that may be harmful to our people or to the environment. So while there will be limits, generally we are open to as much free trade as permitted.

How do people set up businesses? Can you give an example?

julia edwards ; london, uK

Of course. If a resident wished to set up a business they would first of all need to purchase time off to develop their plan. They can apply for rental of a space, and if needed an import license - approved for goods that aren’t harmful. Eutopo will import the materials and pass costs to the individual. If more funds are needed, that person can ask friends to lend funds with P2P lending. We do not have formal lending institutions. Each day the owner operates the business they must pay for time to be excused from being assigned work. The product or service is also taxed no more than 20%. Apart from these two stipulations, businesses are otherwise free to provide their own product or service without excessive regulation. It should be noted however, that consumers can take businesses to court for impartial mediation in the event of a dispute.

What about free movement? Can people leave?

Nicole Olive Belmont ; monaco

We do not prohibit free movement, and any resident can leave at any time as we are within the host nation by special permission. We will not prohibit movement in any way. If residents wish to leave their countries and go to other ones, that is subject to the host nations law of the land, the application for visas and other necessaries. Residents or citizens who are outside of our community will not receive the UBI (Universal Basic Income) but will otherwise have full access to their crypto-wallets.

Can people convert their earnings to domestic currency?

Aseem Onofre Aritza ; india

Absolutely, at any time.

I want to invest but if investors have to be citizens, won’t that slow the pace of development?

Lea Hennessy ; new york

While citizens will own property, we will create specialized impact investments for investors to participate in infrastructure. As GNP growth now in the developing world is depressed, there is nevertheless a greater capacity for increase growth with the provision of essential services. We will invite investors - of any financial capability to invest small or greater sums in infrastructure. For example, if an investor creates a coffee shop in our community, they’ll have a ‘hold’ on the property but won’t own it. We’ll return the investment with a specified agreed percentage return over a period of years. After full payment, the property remains with Eutopo maintaining the low cost lease for the business. Payment will be in cryptocurrency which can be auto-converted out to domestic currency upon request. We anticipate - with the lower cost of building combined with opening of investments up to the regular community - will increase development without the cost of rising real estate. Other investments may include farming, or solar with futures markets, or the development of our own stock exchange for Eutopian bound businesses.

What about trade agreements?

Manu Évike Lowe ; helsinki

We will create trade agreements of benefit to the host nation with other countries, and with permission of the host nation’s democratic government. We will favor trade agreements for food with nations that are currently experiencing famine. For example, if we were based in Cameroon, we would favor trade with Nigeria to alleviate the famine in the North East. We will prioritize trade agreements with the Governments, eager to avoid price inflation when selling directly to businesses.

How will the host nation receive profits?

Nikora Dip ; new zealand

Twenty percent of every financial and business transaction will be taxed and auto-deposited in the host nation’s account at the end of each business day. Additionally, the sale of produce will be taxed at a higher rate to generate greater funds for the government, including exports of goods - carried out in conjunction with the host nation’s Government. We are eager to generate as much revenue for the government as possible. When we have completed our objective of bringing a developing nation country to first world status we will hand over what we have built to the Government. In other developed countries, we will maintain operations until we have ended homelessness, and then continue work to benefit the less fortunate.

You state everyone has to work. Does that include children?

Lídia Ngô ; catalonia, spain

Children are a protected class of person and not subject to the same regulations. Notwithstanding, children do need to attend classes and are otherwise excused from work (unless they want to). People can also earn currency for education, so children will amass funds just like adults.

Do resources like water and electricity cost?

Mayamoko Monday ; malawi

Yes, but only to track usage. Every resident and citizen receives currency (the Universal Basic Income) sufficient to purchase enough limited resources guaranteed by our primary law (the Bill of Rights).

I love your Democratic 2.0 system. Can you talk more about the Executive Power?

Raja González ; tampa, florida

In writing the constitution we had a difficult task to fulfill - creating an executive power dependent on the majority yet sufficiently strong to act freely on its own within its proper sphere. Maintenance of the Ex.Tech requires the representative of executive power is subject to the will of the people. Moreover in exercising that power the Executive is not completely independent; the Senate supervises them in their relations with foreign powers and in appointments to office to that they can neither corrupt nor be corrupted. The President was made the one and only representative of Eutopo and Destinato. Care was taken not to subordinate his will to that of a council, a dangerous expedient which clogs government action and lessens responsibility. The Senate has the right to annul certain Presidential acts, but cannot form them to act or share executive power.

We’ve taken care to subject the authority of the Executive to full transparency, independent checks, and the unlimited right to free speech, including the right of the people to replace the Executive by democratic process - unheard of in a private business. We’re confident in our system, and believe the best democracy is one that is led by strong moral leadership.

This is brilliant! Why has no-one done this before?

roger bear ; seattle, wa

There’s so many ways this question could be answered, but the best one seems to be is that because the issues we collectively face seem too big to solve. It’s infinitely easier - from the perspective of our individual happiness - to find a job, and live in our present society. To make something new is much harder.

How can I get involved?

sean smith ; ohio

We are always in need of volunteers to help us intellectually recreate society, but we realize in our busy world it can be hard to find the time. You can always get involved by sharing our work with your friends, or deploying your own money either as an impact investment or general financial support.

Can you really end poverty?

peter igorsson; iceland

Yes, absolutely.

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