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Our Mission

Advancing Humanity Three Hundred Years.

Great nations DIDN'T happen overnight, they were built in single purpose working together to better themselves. Unity of purpose has been the one common factor to organizations becoming great, many people working towards the same goal.

The Romans advanced infrastructure, the greeks advanced civilization, and now we’re doing the same. We’re organizing the poor, giving them our best tools and education - equipping the third world to become first worlds.

Destinato - a movement for humanity building Eutopia.


Building Excellence

"“Eutopo, from the Greek ευ (excellent) and τοπος (place) meaning ‘place of cultivating excellence’ as oppose to utopia (meaning ‘nowhere or fictional place.’) A Eutopia is possible, a utopia is theoretical”

— ÆSÍR, Founder


Destinato found it’s origins at the turn of the decade as a dedicated group of do-gooders eager to relieve urgent rise of homelessness in US urban centers. While we had some noted success - housing and assisting over 700 children, women and families over a half decade - it wasn’t enough. For every one we housed, a hundred more hit the streets. So we formally incorporated as a 501c3 nonprofit to achieve our burning desire

Our goal: to end youth homelessness within one generation.

But then we realized - it’s not as simple as building homes. Children need happy childhoods to become well-adjusted adults. If we don’t fix the issues, then they’ll just continue into the next generation. And because the systems in our society don’t work like they should - whether health-care, education, therapy, job-training - we realized that this is an opportunity to build ones that do.

Our How: By building a closed continuum community that can the accelerate the development of youth.

In the nonprofit sphere we call this a ‘closed continuum of care. We call it EUTOPIA, because while it’s designed for children, it’s intended for all of humanity - testing new ways of living, working, and enjoying life together and sharing our communities and way of life with everyone, only after we’ve first housed all the women, children and families currently on the streets.

Our Why: Because we believe we can create paradise for all of us

If we continue to do nothing, we’ll inherit a world of malaise, indifference and apathy. Unchecked capitalism is efficient at managing resources, but is fundamentally unintelligent. Our happiness today, and the continued prosperity of our species into the future - depends on us making decisive steps forward towards something better. Destinato is that movement.



One of DaVinci’s guiding maxims in life was ‘Destinato Rigore’ meaning to ‘achieve one’s destiny’ through Rigore - a middle Italian concept likened to single minded purpose towards an objective. Rigore also means to be both flexible and persistent, remaining intellectually curious to achieve our collective goal - a better human destiny.