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Building Eutopia, and a return on Investment


Philanthropy isn’t enough, to end social injustice we need to offer a return on social good

Introducing Midas Impact Investing, a Destinato platform where you can make a return on investment, whether participating in micro-mortgage, impact farming, crop yields, or building homes.


Midas Farming Investment

Sign up on to gain instant access to Impact Farming ventures. Purchase a blueberry bush, a beehive, chicken co-op or a solar panel to start earning an income.


Affordable Investing

Investments start as from as low as $200


Earn 10%-25% IRR

With repayments as soon as three months, or as long as ten years beating marketing rates


Earn An Income from Harvest

When the harvest comes in, so will your return.


Smart Ventures - It’s Simple

You own the assets on the farming venture you choose. Purchase assets simply and directly through our site. Earn income transparently and easily through the sale of the harvest.


You Buy

You choose which asset you want to invest in

We Farm

Your asset is farmed by professional farmers to feed families



You Earn

You’re paid when the asset is harvested/paid off


Plant a Apiary in South Africa


Grow Tomatoes in Zimbabwe


Install a Chicken Coop in Botswana


Whatever the Focus, We’ll Bring the Impact.

We’re bringing these powerful ventures to the developing world, enabling farmers enough income to live on, fueling trickle-up economics, and delivering a massive return.

graph one.png

Grow Spinach for Haiti


Strawberries for Sierra Leone


Blueberries for Gabon


Massive Yields. Massive Impact.

Who would have thought. We can end famine, and make a return on your investment at the same time. That’s a ‘no-brainer’ impact investment.

graph two.png

Peace of Mind

Although you own an individual asset, your income is a percentage of the entire yield of the farm you have invested in. By pooling the yield, we mitigate the risk of your individual asset underperforming. Just like in a beehive, there is safety in numbers. We have service level agreements in place with all our providers to ensure that your assets continue to perform in line with our projections. And the insurance of your assets is included in the purchase price.

Not Just Farming, Homes & Solar Too

Interested in a higher return and longer repayment rate? Our SERAI Impact Investment has you covered. We return payments back into buying new units, leveraging economies of scale to drive down cost and drive up finances.

2018-11-16 10_21_00-Features _ Tiny Houses - Opera-min.png

SERAI Micro-Mortgage

Want to help a family get on their feet, and enjoy the benefits of landlord ownership without the hassle? We can handle all the above with our homeless to homeowner impact investment ready Micro-Mortgage. Backed by Section 8 payments.

First Pilot Los Angeles - 15% IRR


Solar Panels

Prometheus solar panels installed at key locations. As we make money from selling back to the grid so do you, saving the planet at the same time.

irr rates vary on placement


Sponsor a Mortgage

Building a home like a Hermitage above is nominal at around $10,000, from which we apply Section 8 payments or income to a mortgage. Within three years it’s paid off, a family owns their own home, and you collect a return.

invest $15,000 receive back $20,000 within 3 years


Or Invest in A Company

We’re making meals for low income families with our DIY meal box Destinato owned startup - PRx. For $10,000 you can purchase 10% of the company, enabling us to deliver 45,000 meals this year, with the goal of feeding all 13 million low income families within two years. Our low cost bootstrapped startup will make around $1 per box, reinvested to fund more meal kits. We believe we can end child malnutrition within five years, and make you a return on investment!

$10,000 for 10% of PRx - funds 45,000 meals

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