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designing dignified and effective refugee communities


Destinato Mexico

Eager to change the current narrative surrounding refugees and asylum seekers, we’re eager to show the world what a humanitarian and dignified response looks like. In our planned village in Baja California, we’ll create an alternate location for Central American Refugees where we’ll both process US immigration requests, and while we’re at it - house, educate, and offer job-training. While some may get Visas, in today’s political climate many won’t - and for them we hope they will return to their home communities to create jobs, employment and hope.



One of the most common misconceptions about refugees is that they are uneducated. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact many are highly educated, with terminal degrees with a disproportionate number of Doctors, PhDs, and highly skilled careers. Destinato Mexico will help migrants navigate and master the US system, enabling them to get a jump-start on assimilation and direction.



Our on-site immigration lawyer will assist migrants process visa and asylum paperwork for legal migration to the United States. We’ll learn over time with machine learning and AI how to fully digitize and streamline this process making the process as easy as scanning a fingerprint.



We aim to return as many migrants as possible back to their home communities empowered with the education to make a difference. In stemming the ‘brain drain’ that many countries experience from their most talented citizens leaving, we hope to restore local economies and further lower extreme inequality.



Our super-low cost housing will create homes for as little as $5,000 a furnished unit, allowing us to expand rapidly. At a low price print, we’ll create jobs to make the homes, and introduce new ways for the rural poor to afford housing. Homes like these will end street homelessness in Mexico City and Central America while giving all the conveniences of modern life.


Mexico is a mosaic of different realities and beauties.

Enrique Pena Nieto

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Baja California, Mexico

planned refugee community for 10,000 homeless women, children and families


Autonomous Farming - Four to Eight Harvest Per Year

Priority given to staple foodstuffs and native varietals

Emergency Food programs for homeless youth and families


Rapid Skill Acquisition, Core Literacy & Job Training

22nd century employment training with social entrepreneurship

Focus on Assimilation into the US with cultural immersion


Active Water Purification

Mountain Water reclamation

Riverway and Waterway Purification


Fully Sustainable and ‘Off-Grid’

Solar power units throughout planned city

Oceanic/Tidal power generation


The Executive Technocracy

Hybridized business/governance political model with full Virtual Democracy

Smart City Integration automates 98% of bureaucracy


Blockchain Cryptoeconomy

Offline crypto wallets for local job creations/economic exchange

Universal Basic Income and Success Tracking


Designer Culture for Mexico

Mexican Ecotopian adaptation of core Destinato Culture

26 hour universal time, new calendar, traditions and cultures


Preventative E-Health

Predictive health system can anticipate problems before they happen

Smart data informed health outcome tracking


Ecotopia with Free Roam Native Animals

Neutered Therapy animals available for city with rescue outreach

Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian diet with never kill farm animals


Positive and Play Focused Psychotherapy

Holistic and interdisciplinary focus on treatment

Regional training and broad spirituality focus