This was the term given to the ten magistrates in Ancient Rome charged with creating the ‘Twelve Tables’ of Laws for the Roman Republic.



The World’s Foremost Blockchain Lawyer with competencies across three different legal systems and Artificial Intelligence.

michelle hancock JD - legal counsel

Considered among top 1% of US trial attorneys & political strategists.

ALex robertson JD - future technology

Rare specialist in future legal technologies including hyperloop

kyle richards JD - legal strategy

Legal savant and child prodigy graduated law school at 22.

hiram umenjoh JD - cameroon law

NonProfit focused lawyer specialization in West African & Cameroonian law

CLEMENT iornongu ESQ - nigerian law

Esteemed NGO, UN & Nigerian Government Attorney

yvette moore LLM - international law

French/US/African legal advisor and international specialist