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Join the Future of Humanity

Seismic change won’t happen overnight. We need your support to build EUTOPO. Your gift, whether of support, donations, volunteering or telling others plays a vital role in the creation of a human destiny we can all be proud of and enjoy.


SHOP and support social good projects

Love the Destinato project and want to show your support with the clothing you wear? Buy officially licensed apparel here and support your favorite nonprofit sharing our name and mission with others you meet in our short but beautiful life. All proceeds go directly to our charitable mission.


get your business or work involved

Do you run, or are you working for a company looking for a way to give back in a radical way? Have some time or resources you’d like to volunteer or share? Join some of the biggest businesses around today, become a Destinato affiliate and let’s work together and networkto build Eutopia.

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sponsor a project

Want to make an even bigger difference? Sponsoring a project both puts your name to a big venture, which may even result in a higher than invested return, and helping hundreds even thousands of people just like you and I. We have a wide range of projects to choose from, whether for high investors or simply social good.

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Many of us possess talents, education and abilities that aren’t being shared. It’s not your fault, but simply because the opportunity never came around. Well that’s all changed in reading this because we have a place for you. We need your talents, whether its advising on how to fish, or cook, build a house, repair a car, or even play an instrument. It’s all needed to build Eutopia. Volunteer your talents today.


Be Reminded of How We Can Do Better

Download Destinato posters and publications to place around your town, village or community and invite others to join humanities cause. Let’s show the world that hope exists and we’re banding together to create more of it.


get your school involved

Grassroots change happens from the ground up, and so often with our children and youth. If you’re committed to join the world’s most ambitious social movement, get involved with organizing a non-school uniform day, a public debate, or Destinato fundraiser.


“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”


Get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you. Send us a line at the following form. Due to the number of requests we receive, it may take us a few days to get back to you.


Founder, President and International Director - Æsír


Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer & CEO Africa - Jake van der Merwe


General Inquiries - Samantha Jones


Company Secretary - Allegra Kensington


Human Resources - Dirusha Juta


Press Inquiries - Electra Winter


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