2018 A Year In Review

We’ve made tremendous progress this year across a wide range of our projects, providing the underlying platform for the construction of our first Eutopian settlements in 2019. Here’s what we got up to this year.


We developed our proof of concept Tilapia farm for a small farmer in Swazi, South Africa. Created as a circular economy, wastewater (blackwater) is recycled to feed fish with Carbon Dioxide, while also creating clean water for drinking. As a closed economy, the Triton Program creates protein from waste products

In 2019 Triton will be deployed to additional African nations and implemented in our EUTOPO communities.


Arcadia has taken off where NASA left off, improving on existing agrihydroponic solutions. Our breakthrough (surprisingly simple) has brought increased yields (10x), over four to eight harvests at one-twentieth the current cost. The result is a substantial improvement in existing farming methods we’ve dubbed the hyper-farm. Our patent attorneys - the excellent Perkins & Coie - have thus filed our sixth patent this year. Our first proof of concept created 40lbs of tomatoes per plant, and harvested lettuce in one third of the current conventional times.

The success of Arcadia enables us to grow enough produce to relieve famine at less than a tenth of current US food aid budgets. We’re working now to deploy our first Arcadia Hyper-Farm in Africa to end famine, feed our communities and increase national GDP.


Another farming breakthrough, we managed to ‘hack’ produce to hold a greater nutrient content. Our enhanced carrots taste incredible, and can deliver key medicine, for example Lithium as a means of reversing depression, or white willow bark (the core ingredient in Aspirin) to become more effective. Our proof of concept created fresh voluminous produce that supported nutrient levels unseen in the modern era before pre-industrialization.

The development of micro-nutrient technology has enabled us to improve the quality of produce we create, and at low cost can be easily deployed on Arcadia land-sites.


Designed to improve the early health of young children as part of the 1,000 day challenge, PRx is a DIY Meal Kit program that utilizes donated food bank produce to create nutritionist customized family style meals designed to optimize health. Our successful proof of concept created custom meals for select families in the Tampa region.

PRx will expand in 2019 to deliver over 45,000 meals to young families that fall under federal poverty guidelines at the cost of just $2.50 per meal



We’re designing an artificial intelligence platform that can automate the core functionality of our legal system. We began work on the core functionality in September of this year, and have since started the coding process in Prolog.

SOLOMON will be deployed in our first Eutopian community - designed to replace the need for lawyers, end corruption, and auto-write legislation. We’re on track for our 2020 launch.


Another first for Destinato is the development of a new legal and political system. Dubbed the Executive Technocracy (or Ex.Tech) for short, our system combines the best of business and virtual democracy. Essential for the running of our communities, the Ex.Tech will overtime automate the functions of governance, enabling greater levels of freedom, liberty and happiness.

The Ex.Tech Team have completed the Bill of Rights and Constitution and are currently developing independent operational draft guidelines


Central to our Eutopian community is the creation of a digital cryptocurrency we’re calling Đestinī. Using blockchain technology, Đestinī will provide a corruption proof, secure and transparent economic exchange operating on the LVE (Labor Value of Exchange) principle - one coin minted for each hour of work. Able to operate in economic deprived zones, Đestinī will empower a new generation in the developing world to find security, detached from the exchange rates that support current first world powers dominance.

Đestinī has completed preliminary research studies, and we’ve completed our first stage white paper. Development of our MVP will begin in February of 2019, for first usage in June 2019 in West Africa


Our masterplan for development details how our typical community will be constructed over the next decade, detailing our plans for economic, housing, educational, and health-care development. Over 140 incredible minds have worked tirelessly over the course of the year to complete our Masterplan, and represents thousands of hours of hard-work.

The eCivitas Masterplan - now at over 200 pages - has formed the backbone of our Eutopian community, and will be adapted into our ‘Manual’ for day to day community living.


We’re grateful to our volunteers and advisors for their support and vision in bringing our work to the next level. Destinato is ahead of schedule to build our first Eutopian community in the third quarter of 2019.