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A Role In Human Destiny


There are many reasons why you should work with Destinato, not least being the ability to become part of something larger than yourself. Here are a few of the best reasons below.


Updated Resume & Branding

Most people’s presentation of their accomplishment sucks. After a successful volunteer experience with us, we’ll refresh your resume design and rebrand you and your experience.

Guaranteed Reference

Work with us a week, a month or longer and we’ll supply a reference describing your contribution in detail

feel better about your 9-2-5

Just because you have a full time job and commitments, doesn’t mean you can’t use your commute home to change the world. Your happiness will increase.


It can be hard to find the people today who you can learn from and emulate. We build mentorship from the ground level up with all opportunities.

tickets to destinato events

From our International Conference, to exclusive events and more, all active volunteers will get complimentary passes for themselves and immediate family.

make friends & network

Destinato volunteers are the best in their fields, and aligned to our vision of a worldwide Eutopia. We could always do with more friends in life.

test your learning

Almost all education is theoretical and remains ‘untested.’ Put your degree to good use and let’s build scalable change.

create an impact

The majority of people who pass from this earth do so as anonymous persons who did nothing of visible use. You’re not one of them when you volunteer of us.

Meaningful volunteering once per week makes you as happy as moving from $20,000 to $100,000 a year
— Harvard Research Study (2010)


two two four - the social good focused meetups with your friends

Destinato Image Lawrence.png

Got Experience & Talent? - Join Atlas

Join the world’s most exclusive social network, and take a front row seat in writing a new chapter in human destiny.

up to five hours per week


Got Talent? - Become A Lawrence Fellow

We have a limited number of places for talented individuals with less experience, most commonly in graduate school, designed to give lateral exposure & real experience. We accept about 9% of applicants.

up to twenty hours per week for four months - now accepting applications spring 2019


Got Experience? - Become An Advisor

We have a limited number of places for experienced individuals, most commonly honored elders, to utilize gifts and abilities.

up to five hours per week - now accepting applications spring 2019


Got Passion? - Volunteer with Us

It’s quite OK if you haven’t found your calling in life yet. If you admire our goals and want to get involved we’d love to bring you on board

seven to forty hours per week


Got Finances? - Become a Trustee

Of course love makes the world go round, money doesn’t hurt either! As a 501c3, your contribution is tax deductible!


Got Land? - Let’s Chat

Depending on the size and location - we may be able to build a small city, town or village there. What a legacy! Contact us today.


NonProfit, NGO or business? - Let’s work together

If you see a potential way we can collaborate on our big mission - please contact us below


Got Something Else? - Drop Us A Line

If we’ve missed something you can drop us a quick message here and we’ll get back to you.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”

Siddharta Gautama