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Designing A Better Democracy

Executive Constitutional Democratic Federal Technocracy

Over the past few thousand years humanity has worked diligently to create the best possible system of governance. From Athenian democracy, to Monarchies, Communism and everything inbetween, while the philosophies are different the goals have always been the same - creating a society that works better.

The Ex.Tech is a hybrid political system combining different complimentary philosophies. Unlike other systems, we’re designing this with an important difference - designing from the ground up to managed automatically by machine learning automation. As we write new laws and processes, the Ex.Tech will enable perfect legal transparency, and frustrate any attempts to corrupt or subvert. The best way to remove the possibility of tyrants and despots is to limit what they can do within a system that runs itself.


Bill of Rights

Our foundational document, the Bill of Rights is a ledger of rights and responsibilities that our residents will enjoy, underlining the minimum standard of care they can expect in our Eutopo communities..

v 1.3 - New Added quantifiable rights; Updated Electricity Consumption;


Our Constitution underscores the way our central governance works, and what citizens and residents can expect from our judicial and management systems

v 1.25 - New Further strengthened freedom of press; added Xe’er court system

Upcoming - Citizens Assembly ; Governmental Departments; Greater Sortition

III.II.I Articles

Detailing how our Ex.Tech will function within host nation states, and the exact terms which will trigger the transition of Eutopo back to the host Government.

Currently in development. Expected completion: February 2019