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Creating A StartUp Society for Humanity

Towards our established purpose of rebuilding the world, our EUTOPO community has been designed to function as a complete society, purposed to restore the lives of our most disadvantaged brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers and also to bring us all to a healthier humanity.

The word utopia has become synonymous with a perfected world, and comes from the Ancient Greek ουτοπια (utopia meaning ‘nowhere’ or fictional perfect place). Utopia is an ideal which can never be attained. We’ve chosen instead to use the word EUTOPO, which comes from the Greek ευτοπια - Eutopia is a paradise that can be created.

'Utopia' is a positive and constructive endeavor that gives people the opportunity to start from scratch, create laws and make decisions. worst case it fails, we learn from our mistakes and start again. best case we build a society that is better than the one we have”

/  Æsír /



 Accelerated Learning

Our Education program will cultivate excellence in human beings from birth to adulthood, accelerating educational attainment while teaching multiple languages, essential skills, and moral development, all taught through love, play, and creativity. By the age of eighteen, Eutopians will have reached a level beyond PhD, and truly represent the best of what we are capable of.

  • Learning english, chinese, french, lingua franca, spanish & ancient greek

  • Project based learning and applied education

  • Critical skill attainment for every useful human utility


“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another. Let’s make that soul shine greater than ever before.




100% Employment

In Eutopia, every person is guaranteed meaningful work as a human right. Jobs are posted to our electronic ‘Exchange’ for fulfillment, enabling residents to change positions at any time, or go through training programs for highly skilled positions. There are no BS jobs in Eutopia, each is clearly important to create the community we all live in.

  • paid education and guaranteed employment

  • All work paid the same ensuring equality

  • Ability to work extra, less hours or switch jobs anytime


“Employment in the future will be one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, herdsman or critic.




 Dignified Housing

Also enshrined as a human rights, our homes are minimal cost yet still beautiful, built using reclaimed wood from ‘cut one plant two’ forests, or from 3D printing. Featuring built in circular economies, each home wastes no resources, generating enough electricity to power itself and the local grid.

  • low cost homes cost from $250 to build

  • outreach impact investment micro-mortgages

  • one day build times for fast expansion


“Giving everyone a home is simply a matter of logistics.




Fully Sustainable & Off-Grid

Our Eutopian communities will use renewable resources to generate power, from solar to hydroelectric, and even rainfall.

  • designed to overproduce to power local communities

  • Zero footprint and polluting

  • Minimal Eutopo electricity usage for maximum grid supply


If we build one EUTOPO in every state in the United States, we’ll produce enough sustainable power to be completely powered by the sun




 Preventative & Predictive

We all deserve access to the best health-care when sickness befalls us or our loved ones. At Eutopo we monitor all resident vitals in real time to dispatch help, or request appointments before its needed. Believing prevention to be greater than cure, we work alongside nutritionists and chefs in our community to ensure our optimal wellbeing is met, and when problems happen that Western pharmaceutical intervention is used as the last resort

  • critical health outreach to end diseases already eliminated in the west

  • Favored status to alternative, traditional, holistic, and natural medicine

  • Full person healthcare that examines lifestyle and not just body parts


“There are some places on Earth today where human beings have never known illness.




Executive Technocracy - Ex.Tech

Our political system - the Executive Technocracy - or more properly the Constitutional Executive Technocratic Government of Eutopia (abbrev. Ex.Tech) is a hybridized system that combines the best of business and community management. Our system is designed to go a step beyond democracy, to ensure complete transparency, guaranteed press protection, and automated bureaucracy.

  • a perfect fusion of true democracy and technology

  • guaranteed free press protection & due process

  • Restorative and distributive based justice system


“Democracy and capitalism may be the best systems we’ve found, but they are not the best we can come up with.




Our economic system is based upon a labor value of exchange, whereby each hour of work mints one coin of our cryptocurrency Destini. Our blockchain technology will enable the transfer of smart data alongside currency use to track decision making, and manage limited internal resources. All residents will be given a Universal Basic Income to purchase intangibles guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, including food, water and electricity. External communities will be able to purchase coins to utilize labor, or to buy food supplies at low prices giving a balance of trade.

  • universal basic income for all residents and citizens

  • lve economy mints one crypto-coin per hour of work

  • auto economy taxation flows back to host nation


“The only thing that separates us from Neanderthals is education. The only thing that separates us from what’s next is education.”

/ anonymous /




Targeted Nutrition

The best way of treating illness is never getting sick in the first place. Longevity, happiness and harmony are all rooted in what we eat. In Eutopo, nutrition will become one of our most important programs, ensuring all community members are given sufficient calories and micro-nutrients for optimal health - all within closed agricultural ecosystems where everything is grown on site.

  • evening community wide meals focus on major nutrition needs

  • lunchtime meals offer targeted nutrition for individual/micro nutrition

  • Morning breakfast offers energy and encourages family time


“In a world where we literally are what we eat, what happens when we take nutrition as seriously as earning money?




Regulation Light; Tax Minimal

We’ve designed our system to shortcut past traditional barriers to innovation and creativity, through a capital light and soft touch regulation. By encouraging innovation, through open use DaVinci style workshops, rentable locations and space-share, and capital light low risk ownership, we aspire to cultivate a generation of entrepreneurs aligned to fix the social problems of today.

  • common sense regulation

  • Automated zero to 20% flat-rate taxation - no paperwork

  • Easy hiring and task fulfillment from community


“Creating responsible and ethical businesses with real world impact is how we’ll effect change far beyond EUTOPO.




National Infrastructure Development

To increase the growth of our communities, and our host nations, our Infrastructure Development Plan will create railways, airports ports, roads, and even sailing ships. With our access to labor, internal resources, and no desire to make the traditional 90% markup of businesses, we can build infrastructure at a fraction of usual costs.

  • developmental impact bonds and impact investment

  • deregulated expansion and national development

  • Environmentally friendly and beautiful transportation


“Effective public transport will come when private interest and the desire to make outrageous profit are placed secondary to public service.




Reversing Climate Destruction

We are currently amidst the greatest crisis in all of human history. But our extinction is NOT inevitable. If we work NOW we can prevent world destruction. EUTOPO communities will showcase how living in harmony in nature is both possible, and can improve the quality of your life. It’s only in producing something that is proven to work better, can we introduce a viable alternative eco-friendly society for humanity.

  • carbon extractors to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere


  • ZERO PESTICIDES for vegetable and farms - as nature designed




“We have a single mission. To protect and hand on our world to the next generation.”


Smart City


Integrated and Connected E-Cities

Cities are increasingly the innovation and economic growth capitals of our modern era. We will optimize the real time growth of our urban centers through data gathered from every area of city, enabling us to turn off lights automatically, passively track security concerns, highlight areas for repair, enable e-governance and much more.

  • total coverage wifi with 5g planned coverage

  • e-governance platform allows smart micro-policy adjustments

  • intelligent city operation with minimal resource usage


“Smart cities will allow all human beings to share equitably in resources, while also remaining environmentally sustainable.




A Modern Ecotopia

Each Eutopo we construct will be a modern ecotopia - a city built alongside nature. Here - there are no cars, with pathways and natural walkways compromising passageways between buildings. As protected species, animals will roam freely alongside people on their way to work, whether by foot, or e-bicycle. Imagine a city where every building is green, and your imagination won’t be far removed from our own vision of Eutopia.

  • no internal roads and external wall gardens on buildings

  • Vernacular and beautiful architecture without compromising utility

  • Public art, parks, fruit trees, and natural landscapes


“Architecture is art we live in that shapes the way we think - what happens if we design our entire world to optimize our internal development?



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See our Vision

We are currently fundraising and preparing for our first community to be built in the United States. Be a part of history and get involved today. Your contribution of any amount WILL make a difference.

GOAL: $350,000 + coming IN WINTER 2019