An truly audacious moonshot - creating a Society Designed to End Poverty, homelessness, and climate change

We’re creating a start-up society with new systems of governance, education, and health-care designed to accommodate the diverse needs of the world’s poorest people. We’re designing the kind of world you would want your children or grandchildren to live in, designed to accelerate the recovery of those in extreme poverty. We plan on taking the homeless children from our streets, giving them the best care and education possible, enabling them to become the future leaders of tomorrow.

after securing a significant land donation - we’re intending Destinato’s first EUTOPO to be built in the united states in 2019.



Creation of new methods of road-building and green transportation infrastructure from electric trains to smart grid bicycles


Comprehensive zero to hero training, skillshare and accelerated learning platforms to cultivate genius and maximal human utility.


Ultra low cost and supremely dignified housing suitable for your mother, sister or daughter using a diverse methods from 3D printing, timber homes and flat-pack models


Digitally enhanced task based employment system supporting changing careers, meaningful work and clear community benefit


Arcadia Hyper-farms produce massive quantities of fresh produce designed to feed a nation and export to radically boost domestic GDP


Restorative and distributive based justice systems, alongside Artificial Intelligence enhanced legal structure that’s able to replace bureaucracy and the need for lawyers


Sustainable energy generation designed to create power sovereign off-grid communities with enough excess to power local villages, towns, and capital cities


Preventative medicine as the best medicine, with smart data informed healthcare that provides health before it’s needed


Targeted food programs with enhanced nutrient profiles to ward off sickness, micro-nutrient infused produce, towards perfected health for humanity


Unveiling the Executive Technocracy – a fusion of business management and governance with virtual democracy, e-citizenship and with transparency - fully corruption proof


Labor Value of Exchange (LVE) based economy that mints one cryptocurrency coin for each hour worked, ensuring perfect equality, topped by U.B.I (Universal Basic Income)


Large Carbon scrubbers sucking excess carbon from the atmosphere to convert to graphene, working alongside algae to replenish our air with vital oxygen.