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designing a new human culture

The word culture comes originally from Cicero’s quote ‘cultura animi’ which described the process where mankind could improve themselves to become ‘more fully human.’ It’s original meaning was from Latin ‘colere’ an agricultural metaphor meaning to till or cultivate.

With this vision in mind we’re designing a new human culture capable of accelerating human development, and creating a new society for every person, regardless of their upbringing to share and enjoy.


Universal Language

In our communities, our residents will learn four languages, one of which will be our own invention.

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Twenty Six Hours in the Day

Destinato communities will use a non-diurnal (based on sun) clock with twenty six hour days.


No More TimeZones

We’re using a Universal Timezone system where 0100 in Nigeria is the same as 0100 in California.


Not Just Christmas

Every month in our year will feature a new festival designed to optimize happiness, community and enjoyment


Thirteen Month Zodiac Calendar

Twelve months of twenty-eight days each, with one extra month of five days.