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Our Partners



The award of >$300,000 of in-kind support has become an essential building block for our work, without which our communication and organization would become difficult


Project planning software company Atlassian gifted us with $100,000 in annual in-kind support with unlimited licenses for flagship software JIRA and Confluence

Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger

Insightful nonprofit TMNTEH has committed advisory, supplies and network assistance to develop our meal kit program PRx designed to assist low income children in the United States



Branding superstar agency has gifted Destinato with the Arthur Nightingale Endowment providing zero-cost design and support services for thirty years valued at $10 million


Considered one of the leading West African nonprofits, Comunceid has gifted Destinato with significant staff support, resources, and intellectual support to build our Eutopia

juanmoriel psychotherapy

Considered as the world’s foremost expert in child psychology, and an author of the DSM, DJM Psychotherapy has committed financial, logistical and volunteers to facilitate child recovery in the developing world

new biotic

The incredible biotech company that’s created the world’s leading treatment for ALS Syndrome has committed financial resources and logistical support to build clinics worldwide


Disruptive startup app Intyrn has dedicated 1% of every transaction to Destinato’s mission, in addition to building the infrastructure for our internal task management system


The biotech and health startup Absurd has committed resources to develop our pioneer agricultural projects, in addition to committing >50% of profits to our cause.


Software giant Microsoft gifted Destinato with $10,000 of in-kind support used to maintain our server, in addition to 300TB of cloud storage for development of our African initiatives

joshua messiah

The spiritual nonprofit JMessiah has gifted Destinato with substantial in-kind support, committing to gift all received donations for thirty years towards our generational objective

mangwende foundation

Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, Mangwende has donated land, resources, and significant intellectual contribution to build Arcadia Hyper-Farm and an incredible orphanage for youth

thompson reuters

One of our leading and most benevolent supporters, Reuters Trustlaw has gifted Destinato with significant pro-bono support without which our work would have proven highly difficult

sustain cameroon

Activist and intervention based nonprofit SUSTAIN has been leading efforts in West African warzones to restore peace, foster healing, and promote deeper understanding.


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