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ACESO Breakthrough Conference & Wellness Festival 2019

tampa, florida


We’re currently working with the world’s best doctors on finding solutions to the world’s biggest illnesses in hunt for the cure. At the end of the scholarly year in 2019, we’re going to gather in Florida to discuss what we’ve learned, and announce a few breakthroughs of our own. The panel will meet on the following day for the highlight of the Festival - informed second opinions from over 300 senior and expert physicians on how they would cure either you or your loved one’s serious condition.

The Conference will continue with an full day investigation of natural and metaphysical medicine as our Doctors evaluate the claims of medicine like Reiki, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture and more assisted by the latest in diagnostic technology, with a final celebratory day of all coming together in association with the public for a regional wellness festival and show.


Day One - Breakthrough Medical Seminar and Press Conference

Day Two - Public Asks Our Forum of Breakthrough Doctors for ‘Second Opinions’ on their Medical Cases

Day Three - Holistic Medicine day - Western, Eastern and Metaphysical Meet with Smart Data Analysis

Day Four - Vendors, Food Trucks, Live Music, & Wellness Festival