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creating the world’s largest treehouse village for street orphans


Destinato Brazil

In beautiful Brazil, home to the most colorful and vibrant people on planet Earth, we’re going to build the world’s largest treehouse village for homeless orphans. Our sustainable community will build an entire village in the canopy, including shops, homes, and schools. As well as taking thousands of children from the streets, we’ll also make one of the wonders of the New World.



The modern day Swiss Family Robinson is easier to achieve than you think. Building a house between trees is no more complicated than building on the ground, and with a construction process perfected, implemented quickly. Building treehouses allows us to build within forests, instead of chopping trees to create brick and mortar. While nothing of this scale has been attempted before, we’re confident that with efficient processes this could become a viable building model. Can you imagine living in the Redwoods?



Nothing wasted, everything informing purpose. From Tilapia fed with Fertilizer, and the purest water that’s artfully reclaimed and filtered, our communities will become hyper-efficient and find beauty in full system sustainability. Doing things really well doesn’t require any more resources than doing them poorly.



Brazil is home to thousands of children without parents living in abject poverty. Our treehouse village will offer a mentor led community for their restoration and education - and give them the childhood they deserve.



Building one treehouse is an accomplishment, building hundreds connecting to each other will be a marvel. Just how big can we make this village? We haven’t started yet, but with the desire to keep expanding, what might an entire village look like in five years or twenty? There’s a certain point in Destinato Brazil’s growth where it will be considered a new Wonder of the World.


Brazil, an intense dream. A vivid ray of love and hope descends to earth.

Osório Duque-Estrada, "Brazilian National Anthem" (1909)


Destinato Brazil - South East Brazil

planned treehouse community for 10,000 street orphans


Autonomous Farming - Four to Eight Harvest Per Year

Priority given to staple foodstuffs and native varietals

Emergency Food programs for homeless youth and families


Rapid Skill Acquisition, Core Literacy & Job Training

22nd century employment training with social entrepreneurship

Focus on Assimilation into the US with cultural immersion


Active Water Purification

Desalination Processing

Provision of water to community


Fully Sustainable and ‘Off-Grid’

Solar power units throughout planned city

Oceanic/Tidal power generation


The Executive Technocracy

Hybridized business/governance political model with full Virtual Democracy

Smart City Integration automates 98% of bureaucracy


Blockchain Cryptoeconomy

Offline crypto wallets for local job creations/economic exchange

Universal Basic Income and Success Tracking


Designer Culture for Brazil

Brazil Ecotopian adaptation of core Destinato Culture

26 hour universal time, new calendar, traditions and cultures


Preventative E-Health

Predictive health system can anticipate problems before they happen

Smart data informed health outcome tracking


Ecotopia with Free Roam Native Animals

Neutered Therapy animals available for city with rescue outreach

Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian diet with never kill farm animals


Positive and Play Focused Psychotherapy

Holistic and interdisciplinary focus on treatment

Regional training and broad spirituality focus