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sustainable Chicken coops to empower families

Our AVIA project builds low cost, high yield chicken coops for low income subsistence farmers in the developing world to empower economic growth, and maintain food supplies in structurally depressed areas.




Vital Statistics



2.5” x 3.5” x 1.5”


Thatch or Shade Net

Time to Harvest

5.5 Weeks


50 chickens


10 years


Meat Yield

Approx 90kg cleaned & gutted

Turnover per cycle


Operating Cost Cycle


Profit per cycle ex labor


Time to repay capital

9.76 weeks




Features Overview

The AVIA program offers an ROI above any other impact investment program because we’re creating a tangible resource that’s always in demand - healthy food.



high demand in african market

Our chicken program has been designed to work in Africa. There prices for poultry are high and not easily satisfied. As the price to buy remains higher than the United States, but the costs to produce remain the same (if not cheaper) the overall gross margins are higher.



demand for the entire chickens

In the United States, only parts of the chicken are used. The parts traditionally thrown away in the process - like beaks and feet are more valuable in Africa. Therefore the whole chicken can be used, fetching an overall higher price.



low capital outlay, high consistent returns

The coop - even with essential IoT components costs just over a hundred dollars. Every five weeks that will produce over fifty chickens, grown naturally from the land and with zero GM feed. As well as healthier, and free range, the coop continues to produce chickens all year round.



environmentally sustainable & healthy

Coops benefit the land with increased soil irrigation, natural fertilizer and resources. Optional solar roofs can generate enough electricity to charge mobile phones and computers. Chickens are semi-free range, only locked up at night to protect against predators.




How It Works


direct investment

External Investors gift funds for development, or Destinato invests directly. Farmers can also purchase the kits directly from us at cost.


build the coop

We assist the farmers build the coops directly, or send details instructions with a small loan to cover the cost of buying materials (anywhere in Southern Africa)


license rentals

Farmers pay us $100 from each harvest. We recycle the money back into the program enabling more families to produce chickens and live sustainably



We’re deploying our first ten coops in Zimbabwe on Destinato land and orphanages to inoculate vulnerable youth from ever encountering famine.