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sustainable Chicken coops to empower families

Our AVIA project builds low cost, high yield chicken coops for low income subsistence farmers in the developing world to empower economic growth, and maintain food supplies in structurally depressed areas.




Vital Statistics



2.5” x 3.5” x 1.5”


Thatch or Shade Net

Time to Harvest

5.5 Weeks


50 chickens


10 years


Meat Yield

Approx 90kg cleaned & gutted

Turnover per cycle


Operating Cost Cycle


Profit per cycle ex labor


Time to repay capital

9.76 weeks




Features Overview

The AVIA program offers an ROI above any other impact investment program because we’re creating a tangible resource that’s always in demand - healthy food.



high demand in african market

Our chicken program has been designed to work in Africa. There prices for poultry are high and not easily satisfied. As the price to buy remains higher than the United States, but the costs to produce remain the same (if not cheaper) the overall gross margins are higher.



demand for the entire chickens

In the United States, only parts of the chicken are used. The parts traditionally thrown away in the process - like beaks and feet are more valuable in Africa. Therefore the whole chicken can be used, fetching an overall higher price.



low capital outlay, high consistent returns

The coop - even with essential IoT components costs just over a hundred dollars. Every five weeks that will produce over fifty chickens, grown naturally from the land and with zero GM feed. As well as healthier, and free range, the coop continues to produce chickens all year round.



environmentally sustainable & healthy

Coops benefit the land with increased soil irrigation, natural fertilizer and resources. Optional solar roofs can generate enough electricity to charge mobile phones and computers. Chickens are semi-free range, only locked up at night to protect against predators.




How It Works


direct investment

External Investors gift funds for development, or Destinato invests directly. Farmers can also purchase the kits directly from us at cost.


build the coop

We assist the farmers build the coops directly, or send details instructions with a small loan to cover the cost of buying materials (anywhere in Southern Africa)


license rentals

Farmers pay us $100 from each harvest. We recycle the money back into the program enabling more families to produce chickens and live sustainably




Is this the solution to ending famine ?

Today’s solutions to aid are post-fact - meaning aid is only supplied until after the famine has begun. Aid is then highly costly, with hundreds of millions in support (often in the form of debt) supplying nutritionally inadequate resources that encourage dependency and don’t solve the issues. Our Destinato family - frustrated by the lack of power we have to change the status-quo - are using our collective intelligence and resources to think our way out of solving poverty, unemployment, and famine in one fell swoop. This is AVIA 52.

Problem Statement: The price of basic protein is cost prohibitive in Zimbabwe at US$24 per chicken, and US$12 for a dozen eggs. With high unemployment (95%) only an affluent minority can afford to eat. To end the famine and restore the economy, we must create more jobs and reduce the cost of protein.



We firstly instruct our target place to gather leftover wood and construct simple chicken coops. Destinato purchases chicken feed and hatched chicks from an established market, and arranges import licenses, shipping, and deployment along with purchase orders from the local market. We install chicken coops on targeted land with instructions on the entire chicken production process. Within five and a half weeks, each coop has produced 50 full size chickens ready for resale.


we creatively resell

As part of the conditions for receiving a coop and chickens, we determine how resources are divided. Each coop employs one person (with profit share) creating employment. Additionally, we reinvest profits into building new coops and for additional chickens with technology shared with other target population communities.


we also determine resale prices

Currently the price of chickens is cost prohibitive for the country. We will ask chicken growers to sell at 10% under the current market cost becoming loss-leader and working to reduce prices. As supply increases, prices will drop to feed the poor. Of course, resale is only permitted after vulnerable populations have been fed.


60% - Reinvested into Co-ops

20% - Profit Share

10% - Destinato

10% - Charitable Relief


$100 = Basic Cost of chicken co-op

$2,000 - Cost of 700 chickens and 14 coops

$5,000 - Total Return after 5.5 weeks

At current market prices with MOE - $2,000 investment produces $5,000 in 6 weeks…$10,000 in 12 weeks…$15,000 in 18 weeks…$20,000 in 24 weeks


Wait…There’s Just One More Thing…

As an alternative system to traditional famine aid, we’ve built in a patent pending mechanism to allow the funder to receive a return far above traditional market returns. After a twenty-six week cycle, the venture philanthropist will receive a return from the total farming project, enabling social good to be rewarded on a massive scale.

Return $3,000 from $2,000 investment in 26 weeks - IRR 163.079%


Our Progress

What We’ve Achieved Already

  • 2,000 acres of land donated outside Harare, Zimbabwe

  • Supporting 1,400 orphans with staff of 40

  • Purchased 150kg of mealie

  • Purchased chicken coop wire for 14 coops

  • Stockpiled wood for 14 coops in Harare

  • Volunteers recruited to manage coops

  • Secured buyers for chickens

  • Secured sellers for chicks

  • Purchased 50l cooking oil

  • Purchased 150kg of rice

  • Received donated maize (for 1,400) from local aid relief

  • Veterinarian approval for chickens

  • Purchased seeds for school garden
    Secured use of SUV to transport goods

  • Legal paperwork for impact investment rules in compliance with
    US regulations

  • Import license for goods from Zimbabwe government

  • Proof of concept with two successful trial runs in South Africa.

  • Patent placed on AVIA and Arcadia farming technology

What We Need Now $2000/€1800/₤1600

  • $1,400/€1300/₤1100 of purchased chicken feed

  • $600/€550/₤500 in chicks

  • $100/€90/₤75 fuel for two trips from Destinato South Africa
    (Pretoria, ZA) to Destinato Zimbabwe (Harare, ZW)

    While we have sufficient donations to self-fund this project we’d prefer to find a small investor (whom will receive naming rights) as it proves we can deliver social good and a massive impact.