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A Social Good Focused Network for Doctors

As you read this, there are millions of highly skilled people with unproductive off-time that could be used to great effect to help the world. Years of specialized training is a tremendous boon for humanity, and the combined think-tank mind of medical professionals may just change lives.

Destinato’s ACESO Think-Tank brings together the world’s best doctors to group-think the cures for humanities biggest illnesses, and provide hope to those who’ve exhausted every other option


“What if someone already has the cure for cancer in their mind, but can’t afford to invest years of their life developing it?”

Æsír - director of iaso & visionary for aceso


The Cure for AIDS in An Hour

ACESO Doctors only work one hour a week. We plug the time in their commute or breaktime to ask simple opinions and thoughts for troubling medical cases, the development of new medicine, and Destinato’s work in the third world


Discussing Rare and Unusual Mystery Cases

For those around the world who’ve exhausted every option and are now ‘stumped’ for solutions, we provide an outlet to ask our panel of ACESO doctors and receive not just one second opinion, but hundreds.


Investigating Cures

We empower scientists currently seeking the cure with quality think-tank ideas to jumpstart the process, while generating our own ideas for illnessess too.


Ending Illness

ACESO specialists also work with Destinato to help plan crisis medical responses around the world, ending diseases that have found cures, and planning new outreaches.


In Development

The ACESO mobile app will connect doctors from around the world and across every specialty for low cost opinion consults with a service designed to bring together the minds of the West with the needs of the third world, and facilitate research for our Doctors.

in development - Fourth Quarter 2019


“Medicine heals doubts as well as diseases.”

karl marx


How It Works - Doctors

The ACESO Think-Tank works simply and effectively leverging trapped talent and expertise towards incredible ends


Sign Up To Join

We ask Doctor’s for just one to two hours per week of their time. We supply you with a Destinato email address, which you can add onto your phone


We Email Cases

Members of the public are able to post their medical data to us. We securely email the cases to you for your opinion and consideration.


Make Connections

As a think-tank, we’re eager to encourage breakout sessions and collaboration with peers to foster dialog, inter-medical training and work towards the cure.

Q. I’m a Doctor, what happens if we make a discovery?

A. If a discovery is made at ACESO, any doctor that contributed will be listed as a ‘co-discoverer.’ We create a new social impact business designed around the cure we discover, and include all doctors in as equity partners. That company offers an unlimited exclusive nonprofit license to Destinato. That way we can deliver it to the poor, sell the cure at a small markup to those who can afford it, and reward intellectual investment.

Q. I’m a medical specialist, but don’t have an MD. Can I still apply?

A. Absolutely. We recognize a wide spectrum of potential qualifications, with opening for herbalists, Acupuncturists, Reiki healers and more. We prefer MD in specializations, however believe the solutions to some illnesses are sometimes found outside the conventional realm.

Q. Who takes care of liability for the diagnosis service?

A. Officially our diagnoses can’t be considered a workable diagnosis and classed as ‘entertainment purposes only.' Doctors are not considered liable for advice given, and we include a waiver with specialized opinions that states clearly that this must be considered with a doctor’s consideration. Our aim with the service is to give a checklist of other possibilities for medical staff to investigate for otherwise ‘idiopathic’ or ‘mystery’ cases.

Membership is limited to one thousand doctors and medical professionals only. Membership joining fees are waived for the first three hundred professionals.


We’ve already had a breakthrough that we’re delighted to announce next year in Tampa Florida at our first ACESO Breakthrough Conference & Wellness Festival 2019

tampa, florida