Our Vision

Today any one of us is three major life events away from homelessness and extreme poverty. A major illness, a loss of assets, the loss of a job followed by lengthy unemployment. It can happen to any of us. Today, should calamity happen you’re out of luck. In the EUTOPO future, anyone who needs help can find it in our communities. And while you may tell yourself that you’ll never need this different type of ‘life’ insurance, your sister, brother, mother, father or ancestors most probably will.

The EUTOPO world is one where all of us have our basic needs met. Human beings, who deserve dignity, should never have to beg for metal and paper to buy the fundamentals of life - food, water and shelter. Nor should education or healthcare ever cost. EUTOPO isn’t socialist - it’s about providing equal opportunity to ensure that everyone has their basic needs met.

The EUTOPO world is also one that makes sense. Over the past few millennia we’ve gerry-rigged our economic, political and societal systems together from the inheritance of our past. In our new future, EUTOPO will help us reverse climate change, improve the standard of education, increase agricultural produce and quality, and end homelessness, poverty, and sickness. It IS possible to end poverty - it just requires a plan and the people - the rest is logistics. EUTOPO is the plan, and Destinato is the people.

We are Destinato, join us!



One of DaVinci’s guiding maxims in life was ‘Destinato Rigore’ meaning to ‘achieve one’s destiny’ through ‘Rigore’ - a renaissance concept likened to single minded purpose towards an objective. Rigore meant to be flexible and persistent, remaining intellectually curious to achieve our collective goal - an improved human destiny.