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Third World to First World

  Blue - First World, Yellow - Second World, Red - Third World

Blue - First World, Yellow - Second World, Red - Third World

calling all philanthropists…eutopia needs you

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the world and create a worldwide Eutopia. That begins by ending the major social issues of our time and lifting the developing world out of poverty through systemic and purposeful change. Destinato III.II.I (321) is the cause of our century. Join us, and make the difference you always wanted.


Our International Plan

Where a country starts depends on their current development status. Some of these below steps can be developed concurrently, others one at a time. The below are the general steps we’re taking to bring the world together and create peace in our lifetime.

I. Food

Create enough food to feed a nation and prevent famine. Food provided at no-cost to those in extreme poverty. Sold to logistical centers for distribution to emerging middle and upper classes. Boosts GDP with overproduction to trickle down change for remaining processes.

II. Water

Desalination, water purification and access provided for rural poor and those in extreme poverty. Circular economies limit waste and promote source longevity.

III. Housing

Without a home, you can’t provide the hygienic environment to end illnesses and treat sickness. Focus on low cost and affordable housing that’s built with resources found within an emerging nation to maintain employment

We’ll end preventable diseases in a nation and create basic minimal healthcare programs ending child mortality, and increasing lifespans. Almost every illness the third world faces today can be prevented today with medicine/prevention.

IV. Healthcare

A people now stabilized, the work begins to educate with a focus on early literacy, skills-acquisition and self-reliance/independence.

V. Education

Business creation designed to fulfill critical lifestyle needs in a country and boost local revenues. Taxable income increases government GDP and retains domestic ownership allowing trickle-up economics.

VI. Economy

Bridges, roadways, power, and facilitation of efficient transportation to boost regional/local ties and transport niche resources

VII. Infrastructure

Specialized job training, higher education, and entrepreneurship to seed a nation to move to a modern economy. Intelligent focus on resource management and intentional growth. Business growth designed to promote services of need within urban and rural areas.

VIII. Advanced Education & Economy

Internet access, enhanced and specialized job creation, e-investment.

IX. Modernity

The last characteristic of a developed country. A place safe enough to bring your family and spend your hard earned vacation. If a nation can sustain a robust tourist economy, revenues will increase again and with safety assurances move towards first world status.

X. Tourism