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What We’re Doing


We’re building EUTOPO - Ecotopia towns, villages, and cities around the world for homeless women, children, and families.

Our first planned communities are intended for Los Angeles and West Africa.


From AI, Blockchain, Autonomous Farming, and Universal Basic Income we’re building the community technologies of tomorrow.


We’re building Arcadia hyper-farms with new technology that gives 5x the yields over eight harvests - enough to end famine forever and jumpstart the third world.


Arcas Mega-Greenhouse Containers that can grow produce autonomously without any human effort, dispensing fresh produce like Coke products


Bringing together the world’s best medical doctors, we’re groupthinking the cures for cancer, ALS, Alzheimers and ending illness forever.


The ACESO medical think-tank finding answers to the most troubling medical cases in existence today


PRx is creating food bank sourced DIY meal kits for low income families towards ending child malnutrition and strengthening families


All this is designed to create a new society that works better than our own. All our projects are focused on creating peace on earth, and getting every child into loving homes.