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Our Mission:

Creating Eutopia

Designing A New Society for Humanity.


We primarily serve homeless women, children, and families in disadvantaged communities with access to health-care, education and housing.

Destinato Carrots

Our Mission

To achieve our goal of bringing developing nations to first world status we are building smart cities, towns and villages to achieve new standards of sustainability, happiness, dignity and economic opportunity.

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Our Impact

We’re working hard and having fun creating the societal framework for our ‘Eutopian’ community before we build our first one in 2019. We’ve created Tilapia farms, IoT enabled chicken coops, Hyper-farm technology, a virtual democracy, and much more.



committed volunteers

Hailing from all walks of life, our Destinato family are united not by money, but by our shared purpose in building a better world



in-kind contributions

From software donations, AI technologies , and more, Destinato’s successes keep mounting



major charitable projects

From nutritional health boxes, to mobile chicken coops and digital apps we’re making great strides forward


Our Current Projects


In 2018 we focused on nutrition - empowering women, children and families in extreme poverty with social entrepreneurial impact investment ready initiatives that reward the priceless gift of health.



DIY Family style meal kits - like Blue Apron meets Food Stamps - designed to alleviate baby malnutrition and gift families with nutritious fruits and vegetables



Sustainable $100 impact investments that enable farmers to purchase autonomous chicken coops able to produce fifty full size chickens within five weeks without any hormones or nasties



Assisting local farmers in Western Africa build circular economy waste facilities that when processed for carbon dioxide can create fresh Tilapia fish for sale or consumption

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“We’re creating smart sustainable societies designed for those in extreme poverty - focusing first on the needs of homeless children, towards bringing developing nations into the first world. And as we beta test a new way of living for humanity, the next generation will have a place they can go if they ever need help. That’s a world worth creating.”

Mícheál Áristeía-Æsír / Founder - Destinato



Our Big Idea

A Society Designed to End Poverty 

We’re creating a start-up society with new systems of governance, education, and health-care designed to accommodate the diverse needs of the world’s poorest people. Our EUTOPO model will function as a closed ecosystem of care, built upon a virtual democratic platform that governs by consent, forestalls the possibility of corruption, and grants a better way of living for everyone. This is the perfect world you would want your children or grandchildren to live in, designed to accelerate the recovery of those in extreme poverty.

after securing a significant land donation - we’re intending Destinato’s first EUTOPO to be built in Africa in 2019 and work to bring a nation from developing to first world status within a generation.



Creation of new methods of road-building and green transportation infrastructure from electric trains to smart grid bicycles


Comprehensive zero to hero training, skillshare and accelerated learning platforms to cultivate genius and maximal human utility.


Ultra low cost and supremely dignified housing suitable for your mother, sister or daughter using a diverse methods from 3D printing, timber homes and flat-pack models


Digitally enhanced task based employment system supporting changing careers, meaningful work and clear community benefit


Arcadia Hyper-farms produce massive quantities of fresh produce designed to feed a nation and export to radically boost domestic GDP


Restorative and distributive based justice systems, alongside Artificial Intelligence enhanced legal structure that’s able to replace bureaucracy and the need for lawyers


Sustainable energy generation designed to create power sovereign off-grid communities with enough excess to power local villages, towns, and capital cities


Preventative medicine as the best medicine, with smart data informed healthcare that provides health before it’s needed


Targeted food programs with enhanced nutrient profiles to ward off sickness, micro-nutrient infused produce, towards perfected health for humanity


Unveiling the Executive Technocracy – a fusion of business management and governance with virtual democracy, e-citizenship and with transparency - fully corruption proof


Labor Value of Exchange (LVE) based economy that mints one cryptocurrency coin for each hour worked, ensuring perfect equality, topped by U.B.I (Universal Basic Income)


Famine relief, deployable infrastructure for environmental crisis, and interventional medical aid to end preventable diseases already cured in the West,



First Quarter - 2019



avia chicken coops phase two funded

We’ve received seed funding for our chicken coop project ‘AVIA’ enabling us to sponsor the development of farms in Pretoria South Africa, and Harare, Zimbabwe. This will enable us to feed more than 1,300 orphans and vulnerable families by year end in a sustainable and lasting manner.

destinato social impact startup intyrn receives seed funding

One of our key technologies for EUTOPO, social start up Intyrn has received our first seed round valuing the company at US$4M, This funding will be used to further develop the user interface, and rollout for our international launch.

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land received in zimbabwe - 2000 acres

Destinato has received a generous allocation of land from Chieftains near the capital Harare. We will be using this land to host a significant rollout of AVIA, host homeless orphans, and train agricultural outreach initiatives.

Together, we can create a world worth living in




Get Involved

We’re working towards an incredible dream - the creation of a worldwide Eutopia by the end of the century. Together, we can become the change we wish to see. However you get involved, whether large or small will make a difference. Make your contribution today, and tell your ancestors one day you were there when it all began


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Want to change the world? You bring the enthusiasm and we’ll create the opportunity

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95% of donations go towards our projects (all staff are volunteers) with only 5% budgeted for admin